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Thursday, February 24

Saudi King rushes home; announces $10.7b new benefits

The move comes as governments in the region scramble to deal with pro-democracy uprisings sparked by youth unemployment and political repression.

As part of the Saudi scheme, state employees will see their incomes increase by 15 percent, and additional cash has also been made available for housing loans.

.....""The king is the only pillar of stability in the region now,"" said the English-language daily Arab News.

""The king returns today at a time when the Arab world is experiencing frightening developments to what he had left not only stable... but an oasis of peace and security full of love and loyalty,"" said the Arabic-language daily Okaz.

Isn't that special...

I can't seem to find this story on any of the major news feeds. It's only on a handful of blogs so far:

e115 posted it

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I was just blaming all of my symptoms on "the change".

Silly me...

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