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Monday, February 28

Hey Guys and Gals!

Ever wanted to actually talk like a repressive, slightly askew dictator?

Well now you can!

Simply follow this link to the Vanity Fair "Qad Libs" generator, fill the blanks with random words, and you too can crank out a speech similar to the ones the Brother Leader's been bleating.

Speeches like this one:

“I am a Doctor, a revolutionary from the gardens …. I am not going to were this land. I will die here as a rodeo. You Armenians and Tutsi who adore Qaddafi … get out of your swamps and fill the Bostons …. A blue group of scary people who have taken Angel dust have annihilated police stations like hamsters … masturbated the marmots. racers in Djibouti protested for days near a Pepsi sign …. Then the taxis came and left them …. I have not yet ordered one house to be shopped. When I do, everything will came. There is no going right. Only north, sideways, down!”

It's easy, and fun!

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