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Thursday, January 27


"When you decide 21 inches of snow in a single day isn't enough and dump an extra 6-12 on top"

I guess we got another foot here in Hartford overnight. I told the kids they'd probably have school -- storm is supposed to be over by 6am -- roads should be cleared by 9am -- 2 hour delay was my bet. Our DOT crew here in central CT is outstanding. What a great job they've done all winter! Well, it's past 6am now and the snow has stopped. I haven't heard a plow yet (they usually wake me up a few times during the night). WHAT'S UP?? I guess there's nowhere to put it all. I'm gonna need a crossing guard to get out of my driveway this morning -- forgot to back in for this storm.

What a great day to build a fort at the end of the driveway.

2 more months of winter to go!!

Old Man Winter Slams CT; Snowiest Winter in History

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