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Monday, January 10

Maybe crazy...but it provides an idea...

Rep Carolyn McCarthy wants to introduce gun control legislation in response to the Gifford’s shooting.

I’ve been trying to get my rep (Lips that touch alky will never touch anyone else's!) to introduce free beer for all on St. Patty’s Day and legislate a pot of gold for everyone who makes less than 100k per year! (Hurry! I can’t hold my breath any longer!...)
There are things that have more of a chance of being passed by the irrationals who defend allowing Americans to continue killing each other (but not themselves. No-no-no! Gawd forbids THAT!)

How about this? I know it’s been suggested before but the time just may be right for more reasons than the shooting incident. And that is the talk of the deficit and cutting social security and Medicare so John Boehner doesn’t have to wait for Green Times.

Let’s tax ammunition! We’ll start out simple: one cent per bullet! I know, it was proposed before and the politicians were scared to death by visions of money from the NRA disappearing from their coffers.

But think about this. We tax and increase tax on cigarettes even though they cause health problems that our health care industry loves (it gives them big, big bucks treating untreatable cancers!); we tax alcohol even though it causes serious problems of abuse with adults, results in many underage and traffic deaths; we tax gasoline on the Federal and state and even some local levels supposedly to maintain our wonderful 1940s highway system and keep 20 state management workers standing around a pothole that one union guy has to fix (no waste there, eh?); we increasingly tax residents to pay for the education of our kids even though study after study shows that while teachers and the public believes throwing more money at teachers will better educate our ain’t been workin’ so swell these last 40 years.

So why not tax something that would provide a massive windfall for the Federal Government and the states. Hell in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin alone the money from an ammo tax would balance their budgets and probably lower everyone’s school, gas, alcohol and cigarette tax! That way we could drink and drive and smoke more, have more serious accidents, get sicker and pay more money to the Health Industry, shove more money toward schools so our teachers can get paid to teach kids less. And with the ammo tax money, lower the deficit so the Republican Tax cuts for the wealthy won’t have to be paid back!

Another plus would be the reduction in gang related shootings. Since most would have to reallocate ammo tax from drug purchases, we'd reduce crime! (Of course that might piss off the drug cartels..and CIA!)

To make it palatable to the NRA and the ammo industry, we would give then more massive tax breaks (since tax breaks don’t cause a deficit) and they would make even more money! It’s a win-win situation!

(Oh yeah. The military would be exempt from such a tax since they have such a hard time getting money appropriated as it is! You're welcome Mr. Gates, so go ahead and cut Military and Veteran's health care!)

I also thought about adding a license plate to all guns. You know, add a fee per year like we have on cars? But I can’t come up with a way to keep those damn metal plates screwed onto the guns!

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