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Tuesday, January 11

Earth: The Pale Blue Dot - narrated by Carl Sagan

I had the immense pleasure of meeting this man in 1966 after having read, as a young man interested in astrophysics, many of his papers on planetary work. Even before his sojourn into cosmology, the brilliance was there. What was a casual meeting in an observatory became a life-long friendship.
To say he's missed in the scientific and worldly community is an understatement. He had a way to make complicated scientific and mathematical theories understandable to the layman.
When you listen to his lectures, his comments, or narrations such as the one in the following video then listen to and try to understand the inchoate mindless ramblings of the likes of fools such as Palin, it provides, to my mind at least, ample evidence that not only does evolution exist but it hasn't been equally distributed among some humans who haven't yet developed the capacity for civility and intellect of the rest of us.
I miss Carl Sagan as an educator and communicator, as a bridge between ideologies in science and life and I especially miss him as a friend.
The following video is a short narrative of his set to some fantastic photography, done beautifully with his inimitable narration with that singularly recognizable, inflection-filled voice.
Expand the video to full size for a much better viewing.

EARTH: The Pale Blue Dot from Michael Marantz on Vimeo.

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