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Sunday, January 9's our RIGHT!

When the blame game starts, and it will, there will be some overlooked that fed this incident. Who could it be, now? Well, let's start with a politician who should know better. By better, I mean allowing the carry of open and possibly loaded fire-arms to a (Democratic) public meeting. That politician is our current president. But as egregious as his judgment or misguided his intentions (to pander to the haters thinking he could for whatever reason, meet them half-way), blame has to be shared by that trusted guardian of presidents, the Secret Service.

Can ANYONE imagine a liberal carrying a gun to a Bush/Cheney rally? Hell, liberals were rounded up in New York just for using their voices. If any had had guns, they would be in foreign rendition camps by now.

Or imagine Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow suggesting Bush or McCain or Palin be treated to "Second Amendment Remedies" if their views were similar to those of Palin or Limbaugh or West and were poseted nationally. The Right Wing Hypocrites and the media would be apoplectic in demanding their removal.

Yesterday, before going to a "light hearted gathering" of friends, a couple of us decided to poll some of the residents of our county. Totally unscientific you understand.

The questions were simple:
Tell us what amendment is the most important!"
Of 78 people randomly selected (all of whom were of voting age), 53 named the Second Amendment! When asked to name the second most important one, only 22 could even quasi-intelligently speak of other amendments and those were limited to amendments 10, 14 and 17. Not one named the First or Fourth Amendments (which still questioningly exist as of this writing)! The remaining people had such distorted knowledge of the other amendments as to be laughable.

More remarkable, 38 believed the "Right to Bear Arms" was part of the main Constitution and didn't realize it was part of the Bill of Rights (which staggeringly, 9 thought pertained to the Declaration of Independence). When one responder was informed the Bill of Rights was an adjunct of the Constitution and not part of the Declaration, he adamantly told us that we were watching too much liberal TV and had been mislead by the Main Stream Media.

When this incident is glossed over and forgotten by some newer, hastily created tragedy (and it WILL) and a bill introduced to provide gigabucks to protect U.S.politicians (maybe only Democratic Politicians because it seems there aren't any Republican Politicians being threatened with their lives, so why waste the money on Republicans?); when eventually megabucks of state funds are requested to protect state and local level politicians, judges, school board members and dog catcheers; when taxes must be raised because of the rampant paranoia and fear spreading by the media which should have been stopped through pressure from the highest levels (unlike liberal dissent which gets major attention); when politicians no longer meet publicly with the people who elect them but only behind closed doors with the "Captains of Industry", CEOs, Banksters and the like; when all this happens, remember the words of George W. Bush,"I'm a uniter, not a divider", then be thankful America is fighting to preserve 200 years of freedom...or whatever...from whomever...or wherever...THEY may be!

How'd that work out anyway?
U.S.A. - Second place finisher in the War on Terror: 2001 - (to be continued?)

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