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Thursday, December 9

Half Empty Glass

by blondesense liz

I think this story below beautifully illustrates what we're up against... ie: what sane people are up against in a world where Faux News rules supreme. Commenter Wonkadelica posted a link to this story in the comments of the post below this one. Thank you W

Edmond Oklahoma: Protesters cut short Edmond sustainability forum

EDMOND — A City Council Workshop to share ideas about sustainability was abandoned midstream Monday night amid protests about the City of Edmond’s involvement in sustainable conservation efforts.

The Edmond Sustainability Forum was created by the Planning Department and designed for Edmond residents to share their ideas and priorities for sustainable conservation efforts in their community, said Shannon Entz, community development manager. Police at the event estimated the audience to number about 200 people.

“It’s about saving money, saving energy, reducing waste, which the City of Edmond and many of you have been doing for many, many years,” Entz said.

Sounds good right? I'd join that in a NY minute. Civic minded citizens united to discuss what to do about the environment and how to reduce waste. Wonderful!! But nooo... some conspiracy theorists theorized that this somehow has something to do with the UN taking over the world and passed out leaflets to further confuse participants.

The Edmonton planning board didn't know what they were talking about... the conversation switched to a conspiracy theory about "sustainability" which is probably some code word for something subversive to the PTB that broadcast on Faux News. So nothing at all was accomplished at the meeting. 200 people showed up for nothing. How sad.

It's almost like how the Republicans in congress who are in the minority at this point, still manage to muck everything up that might be good for the country. How is it that a squeaky minority keep ruining things? When will it end?

Reading stories like this makes me more cynical if that's possible and makes me glad I'm old and gonna die soon. On the other hand, I fear for our children and their children. My advice to my beloved son is to learn a skill and get the hell out of the US... or find another country that will train you for a skill since ours won't. The crazies are ruining it and I don't see a light on the horizon. Sorry about that.

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