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Thursday, November 4

You want something done about the State of the America today?

If Obama were truly serious about wanting to do something for America and the Democrats, here's a start.

Remove EVERY Bush appointee that is still employed. Every freaking one! Replace them all with true progressives. This is not subject to compromise.

Since the Republicans have used threats ranging from filibuster to shutting down the government:

Obama should:
Use similar tactics to effect changes the Left wants
. What kind of tactics? Threats! Just like the Republican threats of the last few years.

...Threaten to Nationalize the banks, brokerage houses, political and investment organizations, corporations, etc. unless anonymous corporate contributions to ALL candidates stop.

...Threaten to Replace Holder and the entire Department of Justice with true progressives and make it their first priority to investigate the Bush/Cheney Administration and others in Congress, the Pentagon and Business for War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and for all I care, littering!

...Threaten to use signing statements that Bush so enjoyed to change or negate anything the Republicans want.

If opposition becomes too vocal, consider invoking a National Emergency and take control of America.

All of these are within the legal purview of the President. Are they too much, over-the-top, excessive? Are they as bad as the Supreme Court allowing Corporations to buy elections? Possibly I'm alone but I don't think so.

The Republicans want to play tough? It's time for Obama to rise to the occasion...or get out of the way.

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