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Sunday, November 21

Why do we pay attention to Sarah Palin?

The fascination with Sarah Palin is fairly simple to explain. How many times have you been driving and cars in front of you are literally crawling along? You figure there’s probably been an accident so you just grit your teeth and move along at a snail’s pace for an interminable period of time.

When you finally get to the accident site you discover the possibilities for the slowing of traffic. The first is the accident could be blocking the lane or lanes so traffic must slow. The second could be the accident is near the side of the road and police and/or medical personnel are directing traffic and telling cars to decrease their speed. The third, most times is the rubber-neckers; those who are fascinated by the destruction and carnage hoping to see something they can be the first to tell and thereby impress their friends what they witnessed so they tend to slow to see as much of the horrific accident they can take in. These are the ones the fascination with Palin fits into quite well. And many use their cell phones to try to take pictures or video!

For whatever reason, Sarah Palin is like a serious, morbidly gruesome traffic accident with mangled bodies and wreckage splattered everywhere. You can’t help but look at the scene. You know something bad has happened, that someone is in dire straights and you really shouldn’t be looking at their misfortune but you can’t fight the urging impulse not to look anyway.

The media understands the public need for gruesomeness so they revel in it. And the public has no problem with mangled bodies and death and destruction especially on TV even during dinner (but gawd or allah forbid you show anything involving sex)!
Anytime this ignorant sow (that’s the term for a female, ‘Mama’ Grizzly Bear… and pig) with her brood of cubs makes a paid appearance to mollify those who would listen to her screeching, the media has to jump in to show the “accident” known as Sarah Palin. They know, as with a terrible accident, public fascination by and with incredibly stupid people, watching someone like Sarah Palin, who is so stupefyingly inept she can’t string two coherent sentences together, mandates no choice but to watch and listen to the incessant ramblings coming from someone they know to be so misinformed of life that it intrigues them anyway (nice sentence, eh?). And if it brings people to their channel, the bottom line is the media make money.

And don’t get me started on that shrill, high pitched Banshee-like screech, which causes dogs to cower in fear, that she calls a voice. Fingernails grating on a blackboard, screaming cats, babies bawling and smoke alarms pale in comparison and are more like the sound of snowflakes hitting the ground to that firehouse whine of hers. It’s hard to imagine someone living with that voice let alone hearing it in moments of passion. Beethoven possibly, could tolerate her but normal humans can’t. And it seems the crazier and more fanatic things she rants about, the higher the pitch until it’s nearly indistinguishable from a witches cackle. Sooner or later, camera lenses will shatter and microphones fail. Basic acoustics!

Sarah Palin is a joke foisted on us by John McCain and the media. She is that horrific accident along the road of life we all know we shouldn’t but can’t help but watch so we can secretly be able to tell our friends we were there when she once again made a complete ass of herself. And like a traffic accident and the fools who rubber-neck, it never seems to get old.

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