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Wednesday, November 17

What Do You Think: Did Lady Antebellum rip off Alan Parsons Project?

youtube posted by fbullington | November 04, 2010
I knew there was a reason I liked that chorus! Dropped Lady Antebellum down a little and did minor tempo drop on APP. enjoy!
This drove me nuts until I figured it out. Liked the Antebellum chorus but knew I had heard it. Came to me in the car the next day. I HAD to do this for my own sanity. I stepped down Lady Antebellum 2 steps. I think it went from E to D (sounds pretty cool in drop D), but the tempo adjustment was way slight. Alan Parsons Project was at 110 and L.A. was at 108 so I ramped back Eye in the Sky ever so slightly. This is the result.

I can't claim there's an intentional rip off, BUT this was A.P.P.'s biggest hit BECAUSE of that chorus hook and that is the ONLY reason I liked the Antebellum song. It's a great freaking hook for both songs. The verses in the L.A. song are open ass bs new country swill to me and also sound exactly like a whole bunch of other stuff that has existed prior to their release. The whole song is the hook, and it's not really theirs.

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