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Tuesday, November 23

The Vatican and Condom Use in the News

by blondesense liz

Naturally I was apoplectic when I read the Pope's comments regarding condom use over the weekend in the paper. (It basically said that condom use was 'okay' when used by a male prostitute. It appeared that the RCC was giving a pass to homosexual use of condoms but not heterosexual use of condoms. How dare they!?!)

But before I went on a rampage, I decided call some Catholic hierarchy to be sure that I was reading the story right and of course I understood that the press likes to sensationalize stories and leave out key parts, so I decided to calm down and cool my buns. But seriously, when you read this story, what do think? It appears that the RCC is giving a pass to gay, male prostitutes. As a woman and former Catholic, I was disgusted.

The other part of the whole thing that makes my head spin is that if you are a "fornicator" in the religious sense, then you're already living in the state of sin, so who cares whether or not the RCC condones condom use? Am I supposed to believe that millions of Catholics worldwide abstain from using condoms because the Church says so and they risk getting AIDS or HIV even though they are screwing around which happens to also be forbidden? Are they kidding me?

When I googled "vatican + condoms" this morning, this story came up which clarified a few things: Vatican Pope's condom comments apply to women too
Whew. Yes, stuff gets lost in translation... I think I got it now. (I don't agree with it, per se, but I get it.)
  • If you're using condoms to avoid spreading HIV, the RCC says that it's a "lesser evil."
  • If you're using condoms to avoid getting pregnant, then it's a no-no.
  • If you don't want to get pregnant and don't want HIV from your cheating spouse, then you should abstain from sex, even if it's between a married couple.

Have any of you been following this?

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