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Friday, November 5

True colors - a media rant

Once again the Main Stream Media shows its partisan ass kissing.
Chinless Gumby McConnell stands in front of reporters and cameras the day after his party wins rather big and what does he talk about? Does he enlighten the country with proposals of how the Republicans will increase employment (other than vaporous rhetoric by cutting the deficit - no specifics?) or how they'll create jobs here in America or how they can reign in the high cost of health care or even explain how the Right will stop the foreclosure mess they helped enact?

Nope! It's more important to Gumby that he shows his true colors, the thrilling attainment of his newly acquired POWER and how much of a vindictive bastard he is by telling the country his primary purpose is to make sure Obama is a one term president (I'm surprised he didn't talk about impeachment...yet)! Got that? His primary priority is to make sure Obama is defeated - in 2012, two fucking years from now! Not what to do about jobs, the economy or Bush's Illegal Wars but how he's going to make sure that Obama is a one term president. Then, after he makes sure Obama loses in 2012, THEN he may address those problems. Until then America, suffer. Hunger increases in America? No heat for this winter? Prices continuing to rise but wages dropping? More unemployment? Tough Shit Americans! He doesn't care, he can afford the next two years. You can't? Too bad.
And the MSM couldn't wait until he dropped his pants to start kissing Republican ass (They'll eventually turn things around after that position becomes more and more crowded)!

We hear all this talk about "spineless" Democrats, caving on everything , afraid to take on the Republicans these last few years. You want to know who the spineless boot-licking ass-kissers really are? The MEDIA! When was the last time ANYONE from the MSM (Keith, Rachel and Ed don't count) asked ANY important or tough question of ANY Republican? Never. If anything close to a hardball question was uttered, there was a lie in rejoinder and NEVER, NEVER a follow up question.

All the media had to do was ask Gumby why he was being so vindictive, why he wasn't addressing the problems we now have, why he hated Obama so much. But they didn't. I guess there aren't enough missing white girls, black entertainers dying or sports figures exposing themselves. The television media have become Video Tabloids intent on creating and continuing rancor, bitterness, distrust, falsehoods, innuendo, malevolence and hate (yes, that's you Fox, purveyors of hatred extraordinaire)!

Until Americans say "Enough!" to the duplicitous spinning's of the media, the unmitigated bias it contrives and the mind numbing stupidity of those who run and work for the media, we will continue to follow the path set down nearly 80 years ago by the National Socialists. Those of you who want to immediately clamor about Godwin's Law, stick it up your ass! Maybe if you took the time to learn how similar today's Right Wing and media compares to the National Socialist goals and attitude, you'd shut your mouths. Check out
HERE if you want to learn something unless it interferes with your important cocktail parties, driving your precocious urchins to soccer, ballet, little league, and recitals not to mention you might miss an episode of Jersey Shore, Dancing With Wasilla's Trollop, Survivor _____ (anywhere but America) or any of a dozen other mindless programs you probably consider more important than becoming informed.The ONLY difference is the targets aren't the same. Instead of Jews, the Right Wing Media of today (and don't let anyone tell you the Nazis weren't Right Wing - look it up before the Republicans revise even more history) promotes fear and hatred of Blacks, Latinos, Muslims and Liberals. Instead of hating Stalin's Russia or Chamberlain's England the media promotes hatred of Iran, Pakistan, Mexico, California...and Canada? Instead of "The Aryan Race" the Right Wing media encourages White Supremacy, Bigotry, Racism, Isolationism. This is all done by pretending to inform just like the National Socialists did.

The newspapers and Radio Media became the arm of the Reich telling the people only what the leaders wanted them to know(sorry kiddies, Keeping Up with the Kardashians or MTV wasn't available at the time. You may not know it from your fantastic American High School Education but Reality TV wasn't around then. We had to "listen" to a thing called Radio - sort of like an Ipod but with people reporting actual news). Sound familiar? If not, you won't realize there's been little to no CHANGE in 80 years and probably little HOPE.

Until the American Media takes their job seriously,
stops rationalizing and reports what reality the Right stands for, what it really says by its spinning and outright lying to us, there is little to no hope for an American future most of us envision.

Vindictive bastard Gumby McConnell trots out his hatred for Obama and the American Media promotes, indeed relishes it begging for more. And the American People swallow...

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