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Thursday, November 11

The REAL power in this country...

According to all the overpaid pretty people who like to tell us what we should and shouldn’t believe, the recent election showed:
People wanted change;
People were upset with Democrats;
People were upset with Republicans but decided to take a chance on them…again;
People were upset because of jobs;
People were upset because the president is a pussy;
People were upset and believed the Tea Party was rational;
People were upset…yadda, yadda , yadda.

The one thing this last election showed more than anything else is the tremendous power the Democrats, Liberals and Progressives have. When they came out in force in 2008, the Republicans didn’t have a chance. And realistically, had the selection for the Democrats been another, the mandate might have been the reverse of 1984.
But this last election, the powerful stayed home. The few who flopped made enough of a difference to propel the Country forward to the past. They may yet realize their ignorance, but probably too late.
The Republicans understand the power of the Liberals in this country and certainly don’t want to talk about it. That’s the reason for bullshit in their advertising. Republicans know that their base will vote for them no matter how deranged or maniacal their candidate is. The Liberals look at people, are influenced by lies and think they can change things by rearranging the Congress every so often.
What needs to be done is for the Democratic leadership to understand the massive power they have and learn to use it rather than attempting to be conciliatory thus perceived as weak.
Fifty seven million people weren’t wrong in 2008, but they were in 2010. And if the Democrats want to get back in power and actually do something for the country other than kiss the asses of business, they need to understand the power that exists for their use. Properly used, the tea party and probably the Republican Party of today would be a distant memory.

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