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Friday, November 5

Obligatory Friday Sex Post

Okay, the election was way back on Tuesday. Time to get back up, shake off the cobwebs, roll up our sleeves, and work with all our might to take back both houses and the Presidency for Democracy and Common Sense in 2012.

Which means time to talk about the People Behaving Badly edition of this week's Sex Post! Huzzah!

First, you may recall we have sports figures in this country that sometimes behave badly, like Brett "Text" Favre, Michael "Dog Whisperer" Vick, and Randy "Ranter" Moss. I'll tell you this, though, they have NOTHING on Australian National Rugby League player Joel Monaghan. Monaghan, a player for Canberra, was drinking with his buddies at a friend's house (of course! You KNOW alcohol is involved!) and he simulated a sex act with his friend's dog. Sure enough, some asshole had a cell phone handy, and pictures of Monaghan's boozy shenanigans ended up on Twitter.

Now people are calling on him to quit the league or get fired, and he's apologizing to just about everyone who lives in Australia (yes, wombats too).

And then there's this, courtesy of Fail Blog:

epic fail photos - Probably Bad News: Prank FAIL
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Just goes to show you, dear readers - your friends will mess you up far worse and far faster than your enemies ever could.

And don't drink to excess. It makes you do dumb things, mm'kay?

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