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Wednesday, November 10

god bless america. feh. Part II

by blondesense liz

George W Bush admits to sanctioning torture in his new book and in his interviews. Just because he states that a team of lawyers told him it was "not illegal," it isn't sufficient information to prevent the US congress from investigating this. It's hearsay. Regardless of whether or not torture prevented another attack is not the point.

This story is getting press worldwide and yet, hardly a whimper is heard from the American media. This, fellow travelers, is news. This is more serious than Watergate, Whitewater and a blow job combined. Our American reputation as being 'good guys' is down the toilet and out to sea.

This is beyond politics. Are we a nation that condones torture or not? Are we so mentally muddled and fearful that we don't care as long as we perceive that we're "safe"? Do we really want to give up our freedom, our regard for international law and most of all our collective morals for the illusion of safety?

How the American people react to this news, how the Obama administration and Congress react and how our media reacts are all crucial to the future of our nation.

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