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Monday, November 1

Forward to the Past!

Republicans and The Tea Party: 20th Century ideas for the 21st Century.

I'm as disappointed as any Progressive over the spineless actions of the Democrats and Pseudo-Democratic President. However, we really ARE between a rock and a hard place and sadly, the Democratic Leaders know it and are taking full advantage of it.

But unfortunately ignoring or not voting for the Democrats including the quisling Blue Dogs in Congress will only hurt us to a much greater extent than them. The only CURRENT realistic alternative is to vote ALL the Democrats back in. If there's a choice between a current Blue Dog or turncoat Democrat and a Progressive running, so much the better. But not voting for a Democrat just out of spite or because you think it'll send a message won't do the country any good. In fact it'll probably result in a much worse economy and quality of life...for those of us not making a few hundred thousand dollars a year!

It's a hell of a choice; those who have no balls (Democrats) but do SOME things for the people or those (Republicans) who would emasculate the rest of US! (Some, like O'Donnell, may actually want Americans turned into eunuchs!)
The choice then, is clear for now. We must maintain a Democratically controlled Congress. We've lost too many freedoms already and the Tea Party and Republicans will take the rest from us. That alternative is unthinkable, unaffordable and probably unlivable for many Americans.

So vote Tuesday as if your and your family's future depends on it. Hold your nose or whatever expression best describes your disgust and make sure the Democrats continue control of our government.

Keep Democratic control of Congress and over the next 2 years we can actively work to install true progressives and replace those who did nothing for the Left. It'll be better than having Boehner and Bachman, McConnell and Sessions running and ruining our lives for the next two years,'ll be time to change, starting with the primaries and especially with the top position. Remember those who shit on us and replace them. Not with change we can believe in but with change that will be real.

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