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Tuesday, November 23

Do people want utopia or democracy? You can't have both.

by blondesense liz

On Facebook, Dr Oz asked us if we think that this is a good idea as companies may stop hiring smokers to keep down health care costs: Smokers Need Not Apply: Is Hiring Ban Trend of the Future?

The replies were mixed. Many were stupid. You have to stop and look at the whole picture.

I forgot that there are still places where you can smoke in public or at work. Here in NY- fat chance. I suppose a company can choose not to hire someone who smokes when they are not at work, but they'd have to blood test the person... and while they're at it, they might as well blood test them for other substances too, just to be sure that they aren't unhealthy in any other way... and down the slippery slope we go.... down.. down... down.

But seriously, if a company wants healthy employees in order to save money, targeting smokers is just the beginning. Why not check a prospective employee's previous absentee record going back to kindergarten? Should job seekers have to attach a copy of their complete medical history to their resume? What about women who get cramps? What about women in childbearing years? What if you've had cancer or have a chronic illness? What if you have to pee a lot?

If a company wants diligent healthy employees, they will have to screen for a lot more than cigarette smokers. Where will it end?

People ought to pay attention to what they wish for.

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