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Wednesday, November 3

The Body isn't cold yet and...

From Democratic Underground:

WASHINGTON – A chastened President Barack Obama signaled a willingness to compromise with Republicans on tax cuts and energy policy Wednesday, one day after his party lost control of the House and suffered deep Senate losses in midterm elections.

WOW! He couldn't wait 24 hours before kneeling before the awesomeness of the assholes of the Republicans! It was almost like he had it all planned out.
I would never call a person who employs this kind of quisling attitude toward the progressives and middle and lower class a piece of shit, but I sure would think it.
Can anybody tell me what the hell we voted for? I no longer have any respect for this "person", this pretend Democrat, this duplicitous pile of Midwestern manure. I have been duped, lied to, cajoled by empty promises and am still asked to believe in hope and change and that it may take more than 18 months so hang in there and be patient and if you lose your home or get sick and can't afford health insurance and lose everything, well life isn't fair?

Capitulation already! Less than 24 hours after his inept leadership he's making sure the rich will get richer and telling us that he'll TRY, TRY to keep taxes not so bad for the middle class he promised not to raise them on. It wasn't bad enough that he made sure those on Wall Street took as much as they wanted of our money; it wasn't bad enough that he kept Bush appointees in critical positions and accepted their recommendations; it wasn't bad enough that he did nothing to help homeowners, credit card users, pensioners, the sick and dying, the homeless and a host of other non wealthy Americans. It wasn't bad enough that he allows special interests to guide committees to gut Social Security and student loans or do virtually nothing to stop business from outsourcing American Jobs. But now he says:

"my goal is to make sure we don't have a huge spike [my emphasis] in taxes for middle class families.";

never mind that his promise to not raise taxes on the middle class is worth less than his promise to close Gitmo. It's the contempt he shows for the Common American.

There's no concern for the middle and lower class. Nearly everything he's said and done from day one of his campaign to his first day as president has been a lie.
This is not a person (I can't call him a man) that I would have had in battle with me. He would be a disgrace to the uniform I held dear.

Less than 24 hours after his incompetent aloofness, he compromises with those who would leave him wounded in a ditch, still thinking he's doing the right thing no matter how many of his buddies suffer. We don't leave ours behind! Forget about our sacrifices in Southeast Asia. He's screwing the men he had no business sending to Afghanistan/Pakistan/Yeman/South America and probably Iran and eventually the Mexican Border; the men who won't make enough (if they live or come home unmaimed) to become the entitled upper class. Already they are having monies and health benefits taken from them by this "thing" as a compromise to Republicans.
The sad part is that he can live with himself. I'm sure he feels badly about all the non help he could have given us. Well, maybe for a few weeks after January 2013. But then he'll be somewhere in a very well-to-do, nicely built home with his well taken-care-of children and set-up for life wife and those memories will fade quickly. Ours won't.

And he wants to "possibly prevent huge spikes in taxes for middle class families." Based on his track record and promises, I won't hold my breath.

He either knows he's a one term president or just doesn't care about us. If the Opologists can't see that now, they never will. I asked in another comment on another site:

Can anyone give me a respectable reason why Obama should represent the Democratic Party in 2012?

Fuck It and him!

Anyone but Obama in '12!

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