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Friday, November 5

2030: Chinese Professor-The Real Translation

In a new ad, the Citizens Against Government Waste, an advocacy group for fiscal conservatism, predict an Orwellian future in which China has taken over as a result of US government overspending. The clip – set completely in Mandarin – takes place in a Chinese university lecture hall in 2030, where students are learning about the collapse of the US.

Why do great nations fail? The ancient Greeks, the Roman Empire, the British empire and the United States of America. They all make the same mistakes -- The rich bought control of the government and media and distracted people with spectacle while they stole the nation's wealth. Eventually there were only the poor and the rich. The new poor grew angry. So the rich betrayed the government they controlled hiding in and fueling the angry crowd. Friends inside kept the government powerless, but just to be safe they manufactured fear of a foreign devil.

But who's stupid enough to fall for that one again?

Here's the link about thisAnti-China, Anti-Government Spending Propaganda Ad and the inspiring downfall-style parodies that have ensued.

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