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Tuesday, November 30

Naming the Terms

In 1938, Czechoslovakian President Eduard Benes was not a very happy man. You see, he had a restive, fractious minority of Germans in the north and west of his country (an area called the Sudetenland) that the neighboring Germans were whipping up into a frenzy. These neighbors were demanding more autonomy for the Sudeten Germans, and were vocally calling for war in order to achieve that aim.

Exasperated, Benes called in the leaders of the Sudetenland and presented them with a piece of paper. The paper was blank, except for his signature. Benes offered them a pen and insisted that the faction's leaders name their terms.

That didn't save Benes, or Czechoslovakia. By the end of 1939, the Sudetenland was part of Germany, Slovakia was an "independent" state, and the rest of the country had either been absorbed by its other neighbors or turned into the "Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia." Benes was forced into exile.

Today President Obama hosted the leaders of the incoming GOP leadership for the House of Representatives at the White House for a luncheon and to talk things over.

I'm NOT saying that he is analogous to Eduard Benes.

NOR am I saying that John Boehner is Konrad Henlein.

But based on Obama's repeated bending in favor of the GOP in order to pursue some gratifying illusion of "bipartisanship," I am wondering just one thing:

Was there a blank piece of paper with Obama's signature on the table?

For the 9,990th Post, Your WTF Moment for Tuesday

I found this ad mashup to be wrong on so many levels that it became hamster-crushingly hilarious.


Saturday, November 27

With tongue in cheek (properly prepared!)...

A couple of years ago, I jokingly suggested that I write "cookbook" for the 21st Century. Because a few of us understood the coming bullshit, although I was duped into supporting Obama (Penance - 2010 Our Fathers, 2010 Hail Marys, 2010 novenas every day - subscription with video and accessories to Opus Dei and I still feel dirty!), so I suggested a Republican Cookbook. That is a book showing how to serve your fellow republican (not too bad with fava beans and, well, you know).
I got some interesting comments and practically everyone thought it was in jest...and it was.
However, given that the Republicans wish to take us back to the good old days, (how far back? well, Dark Ages? Inquisition? Stone Age?) the idea of starving doesn't really sit well with most of us.
When people have been faced with such choices, they always chose to try to survive however they could. If that meant turning to crime to feed their family, it was done.
There may come a time in the very near future when crime won't solve the problem for those most in need. I mean, what good does it do to bludgeon a wealthy, well fed representative if you can get nothing from it but a little satisfaction? Did the act fill your stomach? Nope. Didn't help your family, either.
So what do the desperate do? The choice is between starving to death and morals. Which do you think will win out?
There are 50 million Republicans in this country and probably another 30 million Democrats, who wanna be Republicans, who vote for the Republicans while knowing they are doing the wrong thing (and the so-called Independents can provide a substantial buffer).
Supermarkets will be ransacked and Barry or his successor will declare Martial Law. So if you ain't got the "bread", you can't buy the bread.
Farms will be pillaged for grains and animals. But eventually that will run out. Not as fast because the Military will be shooting looters and anyone who looks thin.
That leaves a reasonable solution. With so many Republicans, Politicians, CEOs, Bankers etc. who got us into this mess, not to mention the media asses who did nothing to inform and the overtly wealthy who can't understand why they are being picked on, can you say "Donner Party?"
If you think I'm kidding, you've never been that hungry. But some will be.
Chapter 7 is especially poignant; ”Drying that slab of meat!”
Enjoy your turkey. Tastes will change.

(Looks like "Tyme" may be apropos, eh?)

By the way, you DO know this is satire, right? Heh Heh Heh!

Friday, November 26

Is All That Turkey and Stuffing a Celebration of Genocide?

From Cooking the History Books: The Thanksgiving Massacre:
In 1637, the official Thanksgiving holiday we know today came into existence. (Some people argue it formally came into existence during the Civil War, in 1863, when President Lincoln proclaimed it, which also was the same year he had 38 Sioux hung on Christmas Eve.) William Newell, a Penobscot Indian and former chair of the anthropology department of the University of Connecticut, claims that the first Thanksgiving was not "a festive gathering of Indians and Pilgrims, but rather a celebration of the massacre of 700 Pequot men, women and children." In 1637, the Pequot tribe of Connecticut gathered for the annual Green Corn Dance ceremony. Mercenaries of the English and Dutch attacked and surrounded the village; burning down everything and shooting whomever try to escape. The next day, Newell notes, the Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony declared: "A day of Thanksgiving, thanking God that they had eliminated over 700 men, women and children." It was signed into law that, "This day forth shall be a day of celebration and thanksgiving for subduing the Pequots."

More at the link.

Tuesday, November 23

The Vatican and Condom Use in the News

by blondesense liz

Naturally I was apoplectic when I read the Pope's comments regarding condom use over the weekend in the paper. (It basically said that condom use was 'okay' when used by a male prostitute. It appeared that the RCC was giving a pass to homosexual use of condoms but not heterosexual use of condoms. How dare they!?!)

But before I went on a rampage, I decided call some Catholic hierarchy to be sure that I was reading the story right and of course I understood that the press likes to sensationalize stories and leave out key parts, so I decided to calm down and cool my buns. But seriously, when you read this story, what do think? It appears that the RCC is giving a pass to gay, male prostitutes. As a woman and former Catholic, I was disgusted.

The other part of the whole thing that makes my head spin is that if you are a "fornicator" in the religious sense, then you're already living in the state of sin, so who cares whether or not the RCC condones condom use? Am I supposed to believe that millions of Catholics worldwide abstain from using condoms because the Church says so and they risk getting AIDS or HIV even though they are screwing around which happens to also be forbidden? Are they kidding me?

When I googled "vatican + condoms" this morning, this story came up which clarified a few things: Vatican Pope's condom comments apply to women too
Whew. Yes, stuff gets lost in translation... I think I got it now. (I don't agree with it, per se, but I get it.)
  • If you're using condoms to avoid spreading HIV, the RCC says that it's a "lesser evil."
  • If you're using condoms to avoid getting pregnant, then it's a no-no.
  • If you don't want to get pregnant and don't want HIV from your cheating spouse, then you should abstain from sex, even if it's between a married couple.

Have any of you been following this?

Do people want utopia or democracy? You can't have both.

by blondesense liz

On Facebook, Dr Oz asked us if we think that this is a good idea as companies may stop hiring smokers to keep down health care costs: Smokers Need Not Apply: Is Hiring Ban Trend of the Future?

The replies were mixed. Many were stupid. You have to stop and look at the whole picture.

I forgot that there are still places where you can smoke in public or at work. Here in NY- fat chance. I suppose a company can choose not to hire someone who smokes when they are not at work, but they'd have to blood test the person... and while they're at it, they might as well blood test them for other substances too, just to be sure that they aren't unhealthy in any other way... and down the slippery slope we go.... down.. down... down.

But seriously, if a company wants healthy employees in order to save money, targeting smokers is just the beginning. Why not check a prospective employee's previous absentee record going back to kindergarten? Should job seekers have to attach a copy of their complete medical history to their resume? What about women who get cramps? What about women in childbearing years? What if you've had cancer or have a chronic illness? What if you have to pee a lot?

If a company wants diligent healthy employees, they will have to screen for a lot more than cigarette smokers. Where will it end?

People ought to pay attention to what they wish for.

Sneak Peek!

Flash! From an anonymous source.
The official 2010 Holiday Card from your Congress!

Compliments of Fox!

Click image to enlarge!

Sunday, November 21

Why do we pay attention to Sarah Palin?

The fascination with Sarah Palin is fairly simple to explain. How many times have you been driving and cars in front of you are literally crawling along? You figure there’s probably been an accident so you just grit your teeth and move along at a snail’s pace for an interminable period of time.

When you finally get to the accident site you discover the possibilities for the slowing of traffic. The first is the accident could be blocking the lane or lanes so traffic must slow. The second could be the accident is near the side of the road and police and/or medical personnel are directing traffic and telling cars to decrease their speed. The third, most times is the rubber-neckers; those who are fascinated by the destruction and carnage hoping to see something they can be the first to tell and thereby impress their friends what they witnessed so they tend to slow to see as much of the horrific accident they can take in. These are the ones the fascination with Palin fits into quite well. And many use their cell phones to try to take pictures or video!

For whatever reason, Sarah Palin is like a serious, morbidly gruesome traffic accident with mangled bodies and wreckage splattered everywhere. You can’t help but look at the scene. You know something bad has happened, that someone is in dire straights and you really shouldn’t be looking at their misfortune but you can’t fight the urging impulse not to look anyway.

The media understands the public need for gruesomeness so they revel in it. And the public has no problem with mangled bodies and death and destruction especially on TV even during dinner (but gawd or allah forbid you show anything involving sex)!
Anytime this ignorant sow (that’s the term for a female, ‘Mama’ Grizzly Bear… and pig) with her brood of cubs makes a paid appearance to mollify those who would listen to her screeching, the media has to jump in to show the “accident” known as Sarah Palin. They know, as with a terrible accident, public fascination by and with incredibly stupid people, watching someone like Sarah Palin, who is so stupefyingly inept she can’t string two coherent sentences together, mandates no choice but to watch and listen to the incessant ramblings coming from someone they know to be so misinformed of life that it intrigues them anyway (nice sentence, eh?). And if it brings people to their channel, the bottom line is the media make money.

And don’t get me started on that shrill, high pitched Banshee-like screech, which causes dogs to cower in fear, that she calls a voice. Fingernails grating on a blackboard, screaming cats, babies bawling and smoke alarms pale in comparison and are more like the sound of snowflakes hitting the ground to that firehouse whine of hers. It’s hard to imagine someone living with that voice let alone hearing it in moments of passion. Beethoven possibly, could tolerate her but normal humans can’t. And it seems the crazier and more fanatic things she rants about, the higher the pitch until it’s nearly indistinguishable from a witches cackle. Sooner or later, camera lenses will shatter and microphones fail. Basic acoustics!

Sarah Palin is a joke foisted on us by John McCain and the media. She is that horrific accident along the road of life we all know we shouldn’t but can’t help but watch so we can secretly be able to tell our friends we were there when she once again made a complete ass of herself. And like a traffic accident and the fools who rubber-neck, it never seems to get old.

Saturday, November 20

by blondesense liz

Oh how I love to wake up in the morning and read about drugs many of us take that are actually hurting us. Luckily I stopped taking many of these drugs... but unfortunately I did take quite a few of them at one time. Nice.

15 Dangerous Drugs Big Pharma Shoves Down Our Throats

Anyway, in the meantime, I am hoping to get my mental faculties back.. and my hair.

Wednesday, November 17

What Do You Think: Did Lady Antebellum rip off Alan Parsons Project?

youtube posted by fbullington | November 04, 2010
I knew there was a reason I liked that chorus! Dropped Lady Antebellum down a little and did minor tempo drop on APP. enjoy!
This drove me nuts until I figured it out. Liked the Antebellum chorus but knew I had heard it. Came to me in the car the next day. I HAD to do this for my own sanity. I stepped down Lady Antebellum 2 steps. I think it went from E to D (sounds pretty cool in drop D), but the tempo adjustment was way slight. Alan Parsons Project was at 110 and L.A. was at 108 so I ramped back Eye in the Sky ever so slightly. This is the result.

I can't claim there's an intentional rip off, BUT this was A.P.P.'s biggest hit BECAUSE of that chorus hook and that is the ONLY reason I liked the Antebellum song. It's a great freaking hook for both songs. The verses in the L.A. song are open ass bs new country swill to me and also sound exactly like a whole bunch of other stuff that has existed prior to their release. The whole song is the hook, and it's not really theirs.

Monday, November 15

"John has a long Mustache." "Ben has a nice beard." (Quantitative Easing Explained)

I thought you'd all appreciate this one --

From youtube commenter rpwhite55:

When the allies wanted to let the French Resistance know that the D-Day invasion was imminent and they should prepare to fight, they sent the message "John has a long Mustache." In homage to this great video I propose that "Ben has a nice beard" should be the code word to announce our forthcoming domestic uprising.

h/t washingtonsblog

Thursday, November 11

The REAL power in this country...

According to all the overpaid pretty people who like to tell us what we should and shouldn’t believe, the recent election showed:
People wanted change;
People were upset with Democrats;
People were upset with Republicans but decided to take a chance on them…again;
People were upset because of jobs;
People were upset because the president is a pussy;
People were upset and believed the Tea Party was rational;
People were upset…yadda, yadda , yadda.

The one thing this last election showed more than anything else is the tremendous power the Democrats, Liberals and Progressives have. When they came out in force in 2008, the Republicans didn’t have a chance. And realistically, had the selection for the Democrats been another, the mandate might have been the reverse of 1984.
But this last election, the powerful stayed home. The few who flopped made enough of a difference to propel the Country forward to the past. They may yet realize their ignorance, but probably too late.
The Republicans understand the power of the Liberals in this country and certainly don’t want to talk about it. That’s the reason for bullshit in their advertising. Republicans know that their base will vote for them no matter how deranged or maniacal their candidate is. The Liberals look at people, are influenced by lies and think they can change things by rearranging the Congress every so often.
What needs to be done is for the Democratic leadership to understand the massive power they have and learn to use it rather than attempting to be conciliatory thus perceived as weak.
Fifty seven million people weren’t wrong in 2008, but they were in 2010. And if the Democrats want to get back in power and actually do something for the country other than kiss the asses of business, they need to understand the power that exists for their use. Properly used, the tea party and probably the Republican Party of today would be a distant memory.

Oh yeah, by the way...

Bush: Mom gave me permission to talk about seeing her fetus in a jar

In an interview with NBC's Matt Lauer broadcast Monday, former President George W. Bush explained that his mother had a miscarriage when he was a teenager and showed him the fetus.

"She says to her teenage kid, 'Here's a fetus,'" Bush told Lauer. "There's no question that it affected me."

Read the rest at No wonder he's so fucked up!

It's 11/11/10. Next year it will be 11/11/11. It's Veteran's Day today... World War 1 ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month....

I am sure some of you have similar experiences seeing the patterns of 11's or 1:11, or 11:11. I've been pestered by 1's for as long as I can remember. It seems that 11's follow me everywhere. My track jersey in high school was #11. I held the conference record for the 100 yard dash (11.1 seconds) for 11 years. I met my hubby coming out of the local watering hole after one quiet halloween night (10/31) of sitting around the bar. It was closing time - 1pm -- It's now Nov. 1st. A balmy 52 degrees fahrenheit (11 Celsius) We were about to say our goodnights as we staggered out to the parking lot. I had just financed my first car (a loaded T-Bird -- at night the dashboard lit up like an airplane cockpit -- digital displays galore). I invited him in to check it out. We started hitting all the buttons for all the displays. OH COOL! LOOK! It's 1:11 am. OMG! LOOK! It's 11/1. When our first child went off to kindergarten, Bus #11 picked him up. This number continued to be a constant presence (awareness? coincidence?) everyday. Years back I had to remove the digital alarm clock from my bedroom because I was walking up at 1:11am way to often.

When I thought about doing this post yesterday, I was going to try to post it at 11:11 but realized I have my annual physical today at 11 o'clock. Yep -- 11/11 @ 11am. I'm pretty sure I still weigh 111 lbs. and my blood pressure is always 111 over something. I'll see if the medical assistant notices any pattern!!

A lot of people have this similar awareness:

Coincidence and 11:11 Part ISubject: 11:11 IS A WAKE-UP CALL
(tell me about it!! That's probably why I had to remove that digital clock from my bedroom. )

So, needless to say, I've had a fascination with anything 11. Especially we approach 2011 it really makes this all the more intriguing --

11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger placed into our cellular memory banks prior to our descent into matter which, when activated, signifies that our time of completion is near. This refers to the completion of duality. When the 11:11 appears to you, it is your wake-up call. A direct channel opens up between you and the Invisible. When this happens, it is time to reflect on whatever you are doing for a moment and Look Larger. A transfer is in position. You can enter the Greater Reality if you wish pray or meditate and seed your future and also, you can be seeded by the Invisible. You can ask for help in some specific area of your life or simply listen quietly and receive a revelation.

The appearance of 11:11 is an always beneficial act of Divine Intervention telling you that it is time to take a good look around you and see what is really happening. It's time to pierce the veils of illusion that keep us bound to an unreal world. You have been chosen, because you are ready, to step into the Greater Reality. To lead the way for others into a new way of living, into a Greater Love. To ascend from
duality into Oneness.

I HOPE™ this 111th Congress steps into the greater reality of the people it represents and makes way for this CHANGE™

The eleventh hour is upon us...

Wednesday, November 10

One thing you could do is STOP beating people to death.

"Obama: US-Muslim mistrust must end"

Another thing would be to cease the drone bombings in Pakistan.

There's a lot more, but that would be a start.

god bless america. feh. Part II

by blondesense liz

George W Bush admits to sanctioning torture in his new book and in his interviews. Just because he states that a team of lawyers told him it was "not illegal," it isn't sufficient information to prevent the US congress from investigating this. It's hearsay. Regardless of whether or not torture prevented another attack is not the point.

This story is getting press worldwide and yet, hardly a whimper is heard from the American media. This, fellow travelers, is news. This is more serious than Watergate, Whitewater and a blow job combined. Our American reputation as being 'good guys' is down the toilet and out to sea.

This is beyond politics. Are we a nation that condones torture or not? Are we so mentally muddled and fearful that we don't care as long as we perceive that we're "safe"? Do we really want to give up our freedom, our regard for international law and most of all our collective morals for the illusion of safety?

How the American people react to this news, how the Obama administration and Congress react and how our media reacts are all crucial to the future of our nation.

The next screw-job to be perpetrated on the American public.

A number of years ago, a small community in a county north of State College, Pa. added an ordinance to their conservative charter in the form of “benefits for the county.” Sadly, I don’t have the url and whether you believe it or not is irrelevant. I read about it, commented on it at the time and a number of us Professional Leftists discussed it. The gist was that no “person or family not affiliated with a utility company” was allowed to install, own, rent or operate any device for the production of power, electrical or otherwise, that could be provided by or in lieu of a utility company.” This includes wind, solar, hydro, geothermal or anything to be developed or in development. Fines were written in in case anyone tried to beat the utility companies out of their “right to make a profit by controlling the power” capability.

A few years later an agreement was entered into by a number of states and utility companies (with the help of utility lobbyists) to make us more energy conscious…and to save us money by introducing power meters that can control new appliances in your own home. Yep. In case you’re unaware of that, some electrical companies now have and most will have the ability to turn off your new air conditioner, television, computer, lights, (plug in vibrator?) or any other appliance they deem uses too much of “their power” if the demand becomes too great. (By the way, stock up on incandescent light bulbs. Production of them, in the U.S. will stop January 1, 2011 and you MUST use CFLs)! We’ve heard some rumors (and so far they are still only rumors) that possession and/or use of incandescent bulbs after a suitable period will result in fines levied from additional charges to your utility bills because you’re not doing your part to conserve electricity to curtailment of electrical serices. (None of this pertains to big businesses in case you’re wondering).

Meters will be installed that monitor and allow control by the utility company of your power usage. It’s happening in parts of Maryland now and I’ve already heard a few complaints that during the last hot days of summer, when the demand for electricity was higher than normal some people had their air conditioners shut down for a few hours. (How about losing your parent's oxygen supplier? They breathe too much?)

How is this possible you ask? It goes back to the sneaky lobbying that includes hidden rules in obscure legislation. These rules for the power companies were instituted so that Americans could save power and money…supposedly, for Americans but allow higher profits over time for companies.

Just a side note. In the 80s the advertising lobby got a bit of shit added to the Communications Act that forbade any manufacturer of television, radio, stereo, or any product capable of delivering commercial broadcasting to consumers the ability to regulate the volume of commercials. There used to be a button on your TV called AGC or “automatic gain control” which kept the volume at “normal levels of whatever you set. After the legislation, no more agc on any electronic devices! That’s why many of your commercials are louder than regular programming despite the claim that “those commercials are just recorded louder.” You can find lots of bullshit added to the U.S. Code at Cornell Law

All of this was done for business interests. Now comes the next big thing – Marcellus Shale Gas. This is the savior, the Messiah of American dependence on foreign oil! There are trillions of cubic feet of natural gas under most of Pennsylvania, New York eastern Ohio and soon to be prairie land, West Virginia. This is a godsend or allahsend or whichever deity is currently in charge.

So what are the ramifications? We here in America will have “clean” natural gas for eleventy billion years if we just let these (small) companies get it for us. Sounds fantastic. But already, the greed is showing. Many of these small companies make agreements with the locals to drill on their property in exchange for promises of huge and perennial wealth for them and their children and children’s children. Can you say bullshit, boys and girls?

When some land owners say no, these companies go to court to get permission to drill whether the owners of the surface land object or not. And in almost every case, the courts award rights to the companies mainly because they or some other business has bought the mineral rights to literally everything under a homeowner’s surface or a law has been passed (usually by a Republican legislature) to allow the sale of anything under the surface to anyone with enough cash. If there’s coal under a home, a mining company can remove it and if the house collapses because of mine subsidence, tough shit. I can’t wait until there’s a huge demand for clay. They will, by law, be able to remove the clay from under your house and you can’t do a thing about it.

These gas recovery companies use a method called fraking, not to be confused with the invented word “frak” first used by Apollo and Starbuck on Battlestar Gallactica back in the 70s. Glen Larsen wanted to allow the actors to express themselves without offending the virgin ears of Americans so instead of saying “shoot that FUCKING alien ship”, they said “shoot that fraking alien ship!” Its use was popularized by the recent redo of Battlestar Gallactica on the SyFy network.

The companies, however (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) claim the word is derived from “fracturing” the shale with high pressure water which uses an ”Ancient Chinese Secret” ingredient that is, just like the shit BP used in the Gulf, absolutely, totally safe to drink, ingest, bathe in or let your kids squirt each other with. (However, the owners of the secret ingredient will not allow their wives, children or those of their employees anywhere near the stuff. And oh, yeah, they won’t tell the government what the ingredient is…but take their word for it, it’s safe)! If you haven’t seen it already, you owe it to yourself and family to watch “Gasland” the HBO Special to get some idea of how people are getting screwed.

But the most interesting point of all of this is now the big oil companies are getting involved. Yep. You betcha. They see the writing on the wall that their profits will soon go down as foreign oil becomes scarce and Americans find other fuels. So what’s a poor multi-billion dollar company to do when staring possible revenue loss for their parasitic investors? Why they buy up the rights to the small companies drilling in the Marcellus Shale Fields as some have already leased areas of the Oceans near America in case Hydro power from the Tides can become profitable to them. Same thing with thousands of acres of windswept land in the Midwest for turbines. Gotta corner the market so no one else can make money but them!

Chevron just bought the rights from a company in Western Pa. that will allow them to own the gas that comes from the area. Check out this report. And this one. The ads are already local about saving America from foreign oil. Patriotic and pathetic music plays in the background; farmers regale us with tales of how gas wells on their property have provided them with financial security (many of the same farmers who have gotten government subsidies over the years); a wife comes on and tells us how these companies provided peace of mind with money for her ailing, Alzheimer’s afflicted mother and made things just swell for her and her family. True? Probably. The norm? Not on your life!

One of the things these parasites are doing is making sure the legal aspect of what they do is locked down tighter than Christine O’Donnell’s supposed virginity. For example: a group of home owners (individually) agree to allow drilling on their property for a specified amount of money. So far, so good. In the agreement it’s stated that nothing lasts forever so they will be paid until the gas runs out and/or for the amount recovered…but don’t worry, there’s lots of gas and they show the marks the charts and government data! So each of these families has visions of sugarplums and Disneyworld dancing through their heads when they sign their future away on the titanium line. What happens then ain’t quite so nice, but it’s sure 100% American.

It seems the companies now have the right to provide access to the drilling site by any means necessary, even if they have to rip up lawns, driveways and in one case, remove a man’s garage to get to the site, and drill all hours of the night regardless of noise. AND…they don’t have to replace the divots…at least for years (when ALL the gas runs out, and that’s the key wording). So what’s so bad about this? Well, they offer a nice figure to the home owners; say $20,000 per year and the starry eyed dupes sign. Now you have 15 to 20 families in the area agreeing to this. The cost to the company could be $400,000 per year just to these families. That means the cost of the gas will be higher, to compensate for their terrible losses!

But wait! If you order now, you’ll get this important piece of news from another neighbor. Seems he’s getting $50,000 for a longer contract. Big deal, you say? Yep. What’s happening is the drilling companies are using horizontal drilling as do all of them. This means the one drilling site can install a much larger pipe, suck out a hell of a lot more gas from it and from under the homes of the other properties and cause their gas rate to reduce to a trickle. Because of this, the gas production under the 19 other families homes will drop considerably thereby reducing the income these families agreed upon. So instead of paying 19 families 20k per year, they may get less than 1k!! While the 20th family (probably someone the driller knows) gets their 50k (along with a kickback to the local commissioners)! The companies save over $300,000 from the deals the people thought was so great. The company keeps the cash for investment in the next sucker’s property and prices rise. And the other 19 families get to keep noisy equipment on their property, muddy access ways to get to it (and the families can’t use the access way or block it!), face lowering home values but still have to pay their taxes. Of course, this won’t happen immediately and the incidents already occurring have been downplayed, but once Big Oil takes over, you can bet Sarah Palin’s inflated boobs that Americans will get screwed again.

Bottom line? This time the long term effect will be much worse than paying OPEC. We’re being sold another bill of goods by American Business and our legislators don’t give one damn about it. We stop being dependent on foreign oil and become dependent on that old-time price gouging by American Business we’ve all come to accept.

Will we do anything about it? Don't we all love big brother?

Tuesday, November 9

General Electric Co. plans to sink more than $2 billion into its efforts in China through 2012 as the conglomerate looks to build partnerships there.

I don't get it.

GE, which began business in China in 1906, is looking to keep pace with China's fast growth. Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt, who this past weekend traveled to India with President Barack Obama looking to drum up work for U.S. businesses, said in a statement that China is the world's fastest-growing market for aviation, energy, transportation, health care and financial services.

The company based in Fairfield, Conn., has 36 wholly owned entities and joint ventures in China in manufacturing, service and research and development. It has 14,000 workers in China.

Ours is bigger than yours?


This is a terrific post that needs to be read AND acted upon by all of us. No more excuses folks. We really need to take it to the streets. Please pass it around to your email distribution lists -- maybe someone will reply back to you. Put it up on your face book page and ask others to do the same. I don't know what else to do. Most of the people I know are going out of their way to avoid me now. They just don't want to hear it anymore. I don't blame them -- I'm getting pretty tired of banging my head against the wall too.

Any suggestions?

Sunday, November 7

god bless america. feh.

By blondesense liz

I don't know about you but I cringe when I see and hear all this "God Bless America" hoohah over the past 10 years. It reeks of exclusivity, pompousness, conceit, selfishness and ignorance. It's really just embarrassing.

If there's a god who created everything in the universe and if that god's going to bless anything, that god ought to bless everything equally or I don't want any part of it. If we were put here on earth to spar for god's amusement, count me out. I want nothing to do with such a petty deity... I'll serve out my time here and meet all the cool kids in hell.

I was raised in a Christian home and we tried to live by the teachings of Jesus Christ as put forth in the Gospels. We supported social justice, gave generously to the poor and believed that the meek were more blessed than the wealthy and powerful- a concept that is overlooked by today's so called "people of christian faith." Although I practice no religion at this time, I would have no problem if those who claim to be Christian actually tried to live like Christians. It would be a pretty happy country. But alas, most of the charlatans who claim to be Christian are mean and project on to their god, the most base of human traits. These nasty people are taking over American politics and using god to further their cruel capitalist agenda.

Fellow travelers, 'God Bless America!' and the Sin of Arrogance by Rev. Candace Chellew-Hodge beautifully sums up everything that is wrong with religion in America today. I know that our readers run the gamut from atheist to agnostic to religious to spiritual. And I know that this essay will ring true no matter where you're coming from (unless of course you're a conservative evangelical person and have been hoodwinked by ill-meaning preachers... and in that case, pay attention!)

Here's an excerpt:
"The "God bless America" crowd, instead of actually revering God, create what theologian Karl Barth, in his book, The Epistle to the Romans, called the "No-God" where "fetishism is bound to appear in which God is experienced in birds and four-footed things, and finally, or rather primarily, in the likeness of corruptible man ... in the half-spiritual, half-material creations, exhibitions, and representations of His creative ability -- Family, Nation, State, Church and Fatherland." America worships many No-Gods including military might, money and capitalism, "family values," "the war on terrorism," and most especially its state form of piety clothed in evangelical Christianity.

The lumping together of Christianity with the "blessed" social order and setting it up as the arbiter of human freedom within history proves Barth right. We put ourselves in the driver's seat and order God to do our bidding. In this way, Barth said, we create a "criminal arrogance of religion" that equates our own desires with the desires of God -- and leads to an inverted set of values. The "blessed" accumulate tangible, material goods. Those who are poor, disenfranchised, homeless or ill are definitely not blessed, and are to be viewed as morally suspect since they must have done something "wrong" to deserve such a horrible fate.

Jesus never mentioned material wealth when he talked about blessings. In Matthew 5:3-11, Jesus said those who are blessed are poor in spirit, those who mourn, those who are meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, those who are merciful, those who are pure in heart, those who are peacemakers and those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake.

The United States, as a nation, does not possess any of these qualities of blessedness. We are a rich nation, where the meek, the hungry and the peacemakers are marginalized, not just in society but church as well."

It just irks me that real Christians aren't rising up and challenging those who seek to redefine Christianity in America today. I don't get it. Do you?

Saturday, November 6

Guess who this is...

(NO -- he's not a 'before pic' for a botox ad)

( Answer )

Friday, November 5

Obligatory Friday Sex Post

Okay, the election was way back on Tuesday. Time to get back up, shake off the cobwebs, roll up our sleeves, and work with all our might to take back both houses and the Presidency for Democracy and Common Sense in 2012.

Which means time to talk about the People Behaving Badly edition of this week's Sex Post! Huzzah!

First, you may recall we have sports figures in this country that sometimes behave badly, like Brett "Text" Favre, Michael "Dog Whisperer" Vick, and Randy "Ranter" Moss. I'll tell you this, though, they have NOTHING on Australian National Rugby League player Joel Monaghan. Monaghan, a player for Canberra, was drinking with his buddies at a friend's house (of course! You KNOW alcohol is involved!) and he simulated a sex act with his friend's dog. Sure enough, some asshole had a cell phone handy, and pictures of Monaghan's boozy shenanigans ended up on Twitter.

Now people are calling on him to quit the league or get fired, and he's apologizing to just about everyone who lives in Australia (yes, wombats too).

And then there's this, courtesy of Fail Blog:

epic fail photos - Probably Bad News: Prank FAIL
see more funny videos

Just goes to show you, dear readers - your friends will mess you up far worse and far faster than your enemies ever could.

And don't drink to excess. It makes you do dumb things, mm'kay?

2030: Chinese Professor-The Real Translation

In a new ad, the Citizens Against Government Waste, an advocacy group for fiscal conservatism, predict an Orwellian future in which China has taken over as a result of US government overspending. The clip – set completely in Mandarin – takes place in a Chinese university lecture hall in 2030, where students are learning about the collapse of the US.

Why do great nations fail? The ancient Greeks, the Roman Empire, the British empire and the United States of America. They all make the same mistakes -- The rich bought control of the government and media and distracted people with spectacle while they stole the nation's wealth. Eventually there were only the poor and the rich. The new poor grew angry. So the rich betrayed the government they controlled hiding in and fueling the angry crowd. Friends inside kept the government powerless, but just to be safe they manufactured fear of a foreign devil.

But who's stupid enough to fall for that one again?

Here's the link about thisAnti-China, Anti-Government Spending Propaganda Ad and the inspiring downfall-style parodies that have ensued.

75 years ago today Parker Brothers released their new board game MONOPOLY

Shortly after the height of the The Great Depression.

“Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars.”
(I understand that was a months pay in 1935)

Monopoly, Monopoly Part 1: The History of the Monopoly Board Game and Charles Darrow

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Breaking from HuffPost

Keith Olbermann was suspended indefinitely without pay for contributing to the campaigns of three Democrats.
I guess G.E. can give whatever it wants to the Republicans but if an employee donates to the Democrats, he gets suspended.
Bye Bye MSNBC.
No Keith?
No buy sponsors products. Won't even watch Rachel!
Meanwhile Fox is the only fair and balanced news organization.
More later, for sure.

True colors - a media rant

Once again the Main Stream Media shows its partisan ass kissing.
Chinless Gumby McConnell stands in front of reporters and cameras the day after his party wins rather big and what does he talk about? Does he enlighten the country with proposals of how the Republicans will increase employment (other than vaporous rhetoric by cutting the deficit - no specifics?) or how they'll create jobs here in America or how they can reign in the high cost of health care or even explain how the Right will stop the foreclosure mess they helped enact?

Nope! It's more important to Gumby that he shows his true colors, the thrilling attainment of his newly acquired POWER and how much of a vindictive bastard he is by telling the country his primary purpose is to make sure Obama is a one term president (I'm surprised he didn't talk about impeachment...yet)! Got that? His primary priority is to make sure Obama is defeated - in 2012, two fucking years from now! Not what to do about jobs, the economy or Bush's Illegal Wars but how he's going to make sure that Obama is a one term president. Then, after he makes sure Obama loses in 2012, THEN he may address those problems. Until then America, suffer. Hunger increases in America? No heat for this winter? Prices continuing to rise but wages dropping? More unemployment? Tough Shit Americans! He doesn't care, he can afford the next two years. You can't? Too bad.
And the MSM couldn't wait until he dropped his pants to start kissing Republican ass (They'll eventually turn things around after that position becomes more and more crowded)!

We hear all this talk about "spineless" Democrats, caving on everything , afraid to take on the Republicans these last few years. You want to know who the spineless boot-licking ass-kissers really are? The MEDIA! When was the last time ANYONE from the MSM (Keith, Rachel and Ed don't count) asked ANY important or tough question of ANY Republican? Never. If anything close to a hardball question was uttered, there was a lie in rejoinder and NEVER, NEVER a follow up question.

All the media had to do was ask Gumby why he was being so vindictive, why he wasn't addressing the problems we now have, why he hated Obama so much. But they didn't. I guess there aren't enough missing white girls, black entertainers dying or sports figures exposing themselves. The television media have become Video Tabloids intent on creating and continuing rancor, bitterness, distrust, falsehoods, innuendo, malevolence and hate (yes, that's you Fox, purveyors of hatred extraordinaire)!

Until Americans say "Enough!" to the duplicitous spinning's of the media, the unmitigated bias it contrives and the mind numbing stupidity of those who run and work for the media, we will continue to follow the path set down nearly 80 years ago by the National Socialists. Those of you who want to immediately clamor about Godwin's Law, stick it up your ass! Maybe if you took the time to learn how similar today's Right Wing and media compares to the National Socialist goals and attitude, you'd shut your mouths. Check out
HERE if you want to learn something unless it interferes with your important cocktail parties, driving your precocious urchins to soccer, ballet, little league, and recitals not to mention you might miss an episode of Jersey Shore, Dancing With Wasilla's Trollop, Survivor _____ (anywhere but America) or any of a dozen other mindless programs you probably consider more important than becoming informed.The ONLY difference is the targets aren't the same. Instead of Jews, the Right Wing Media of today (and don't let anyone tell you the Nazis weren't Right Wing - look it up before the Republicans revise even more history) promotes fear and hatred of Blacks, Latinos, Muslims and Liberals. Instead of hating Stalin's Russia or Chamberlain's England the media promotes hatred of Iran, Pakistan, Mexico, California...and Canada? Instead of "The Aryan Race" the Right Wing media encourages White Supremacy, Bigotry, Racism, Isolationism. This is all done by pretending to inform just like the National Socialists did.

The newspapers and Radio Media became the arm of the Reich telling the people only what the leaders wanted them to know(sorry kiddies, Keeping Up with the Kardashians or MTV wasn't available at the time. You may not know it from your fantastic American High School Education but Reality TV wasn't around then. We had to "listen" to a thing called Radio - sort of like an Ipod but with people reporting actual news). Sound familiar? If not, you won't realize there's been little to no CHANGE in 80 years and probably little HOPE.

Until the American Media takes their job seriously,
stops rationalizing and reports what reality the Right stands for, what it really says by its spinning and outright lying to us, there is little to no hope for an American future most of us envision.

Vindictive bastard Gumby McConnell trots out his hatred for Obama and the American Media promotes, indeed relishes it begging for more. And the American People swallow...

Let's pretend us blondes are now in charge of cutting the federal budget!

Newmark's Door has a post up with some great links. I've only got as far as the Heritage Foundation's recommendations. I like their statement about "Empowering state and local governments. Congress should focus the federal government on performing a few duties well and allow the state and local governments, which are closer to the people, to creatively address local needs in areas such as transportation, justice, job training, and economic development."

So, What spending should the GOP cut?

Newcomers to Congress can find a wealth of budget-cutting ideas in recent plans by various D.C. think tanks:

At the Heritage Foundation, Brian Riedl has come up with $343 billion in proposed annual cuts.
At the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Bill Galston and Maya MacGuineas have proposed $400 billion in annual cuts.
Esquire magazine assembled four former senators who came up with $476 billion in annual cuts.
The National Taxpayers Union teamed up with the U.S. Public Interest Research Group to propose $600 billion of cuts over five years.
Michael Ettlinger and Michael Linden of the Center for American Progress offer one plan that would cut annual spending by $255 billion.
Cato’s website,, also provides a treasure trove of spending cuts, and I will be publishing a detailed budget-reform plan in coming days.

Some of the above budget plans include tax increases, but voters gave a resounding message yesterday that they want Congress to focus on cutting spending, not raising taxes.

All we can do is hope our newly elected officials really act on getting our house in order and don't just focus on repealing health care legislation for the next 2 years. I don't want to hear ANY discussion on health care in this country unless a public option is part of it. The public option will take care of the insurance industry's hefty profit they make off of our SICK health care system that treats diseases with big pharma's pills rather than teaching people how to prevent disease.

UPDATE: 7:35am and thinking a bit more clearly after a few cups of Java

Notice how there aren't too many suggestions under the header "Defense"?

SO, I'll start there...

how about a surtax on all corporations that produce the final product for ANYTHING that supports or funds our military in any other country but the US. TAX FREE if your final product stays here!! Let's try to spread our democracy around home.
(this might just take care of everything else!)

Out of the federal budget and into the hands of our local tax base. plenty of good teachers out there that my town could afford to pay privately. we would save a crap load of money because we would be paying them directly. I volunteer on a daily basis in the HS now. you can't even begin to imagine the waste of $$ everywhere. and I'm not even taking into account the waste on the administrative level in public education. why the hell do we have "curriculum specialists" in every school district in every town that are earning six figures? There's got to be a way to privatize (for lack of a better term right now) our existing schools with assistance from ONLY state money. I am so fucking sick of how my kids (who want to learn) have had to put up with a miserable school experience because of a few trouble makers and WAAAAY to many kids who have no interest (or ability) to learn whether it be because of their family issues or their attention spans. FOR CHRIST'S SAKE -- The amount of our tax dollars that have gone to security cameras and police presence in every one of our schools could have closed many school budget gaps over the past decade. All in fear over a few jerks who don't want to play by the rules. I say turn all the schools into "reform schools" and public housing for fucked up families who need to be afforded a place to start over and more importantly, to finally break this destructive cycle that so many families in poverty are permanently in.

Let all those kids (with out a doubt the majority) who really want to learn, out of those prisons we call public schools, and let them loose in the clouds. The sky's the limit on the internet as you all are aware. An education shouldn't cost anything. You just need desire.

should be part of education actually, imho. every town should consider turning all their open space into community organic gardens. Agriculture curriculum programs at ALL the high schools, taught by all college agricultural students. Maybe get those kids with no attention spans out of the classroom and onto the farms. Sounds harsh I know but soon, NONE of these kids will have a clue how to feed themselves and future generations are going to be shit out of luck you know -- in case of an emergency or something (gas shortages, food shortages)

If we start eating healthy as a nation, our health care costs will eventually be minimal.


I'll start a new post when we get some ideas about real solutions in the comment section. and about we vote on the best solutions that we would put in place if we were in charge?

We should try to get the the whole blog-o-sphere (left and right sites together) to submit ONE final list of proposals. Solutions that were voted on by all of us out here in the inter tubes that have been screaming our fingers off and not really accomplishing a whole lot.

We have accomplished one thing for sure. We've managed to keep each other sane up until now. I'm not sure I can sit back and bitch anymore, I'm unemployed -- I've got some extra time to start a few local gatherings.

How about you?

Thursday, November 4

From the Supreme Corporate of the United States

Consumers' right to file class actions is in danger

Looks like the Bush/Robert's Court is going to screw Americans again.
At&T doesn't want anyone who has any kind of contract to be able to join a class action suit.

Soon we won't be able to sue without a note from Barry or Johnny.

You want something done about the State of the America today?

If Obama were truly serious about wanting to do something for America and the Democrats, here's a start.

Remove EVERY Bush appointee that is still employed. Every freaking one! Replace them all with true progressives. This is not subject to compromise.

Since the Republicans have used threats ranging from filibuster to shutting down the government:

Obama should:
Use similar tactics to effect changes the Left wants
. What kind of tactics? Threats! Just like the Republican threats of the last few years.

...Threaten to Nationalize the banks, brokerage houses, political and investment organizations, corporations, etc. unless anonymous corporate contributions to ALL candidates stop.

...Threaten to Replace Holder and the entire Department of Justice with true progressives and make it their first priority to investigate the Bush/Cheney Administration and others in Congress, the Pentagon and Business for War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and for all I care, littering!

...Threaten to use signing statements that Bush so enjoyed to change or negate anything the Republicans want.

If opposition becomes too vocal, consider invoking a National Emergency and take control of America.

All of these are within the legal purview of the President. Are they too much, over-the-top, excessive? Are they as bad as the Supreme Court allowing Corporations to buy elections? Possibly I'm alone but I don't think so.

The Republicans want to play tough? It's time for Obama to rise to the occasion...or get out of the way.

Food for thought?

What do you think of this opinion piece? Jon Stewart and the Left

This is a good one: Hate, An American Voter Value

Wednesday, November 3

The Body isn't cold yet and...

From Democratic Underground:

WASHINGTON – A chastened President Barack Obama signaled a willingness to compromise with Republicans on tax cuts and energy policy Wednesday, one day after his party lost control of the House and suffered deep Senate losses in midterm elections.

WOW! He couldn't wait 24 hours before kneeling before the awesomeness of the assholes of the Republicans! It was almost like he had it all planned out.
I would never call a person who employs this kind of quisling attitude toward the progressives and middle and lower class a piece of shit, but I sure would think it.
Can anybody tell me what the hell we voted for? I no longer have any respect for this "person", this pretend Democrat, this duplicitous pile of Midwestern manure. I have been duped, lied to, cajoled by empty promises and am still asked to believe in hope and change and that it may take more than 18 months so hang in there and be patient and if you lose your home or get sick and can't afford health insurance and lose everything, well life isn't fair?

Capitulation already! Less than 24 hours after his inept leadership he's making sure the rich will get richer and telling us that he'll TRY, TRY to keep taxes not so bad for the middle class he promised not to raise them on. It wasn't bad enough that he made sure those on Wall Street took as much as they wanted of our money; it wasn't bad enough that he kept Bush appointees in critical positions and accepted their recommendations; it wasn't bad enough that he did nothing to help homeowners, credit card users, pensioners, the sick and dying, the homeless and a host of other non wealthy Americans. It wasn't bad enough that he allows special interests to guide committees to gut Social Security and student loans or do virtually nothing to stop business from outsourcing American Jobs. But now he says:

"my goal is to make sure we don't have a huge spike [my emphasis] in taxes for middle class families.";

never mind that his promise to not raise taxes on the middle class is worth less than his promise to close Gitmo. It's the contempt he shows for the Common American.

There's no concern for the middle and lower class. Nearly everything he's said and done from day one of his campaign to his first day as president has been a lie.
This is not a person (I can't call him a man) that I would have had in battle with me. He would be a disgrace to the uniform I held dear.

Less than 24 hours after his incompetent aloofness, he compromises with those who would leave him wounded in a ditch, still thinking he's doing the right thing no matter how many of his buddies suffer. We don't leave ours behind! Forget about our sacrifices in Southeast Asia. He's screwing the men he had no business sending to Afghanistan/Pakistan/Yeman/South America and probably Iran and eventually the Mexican Border; the men who won't make enough (if they live or come home unmaimed) to become the entitled upper class. Already they are having monies and health benefits taken from them by this "thing" as a compromise to Republicans.
The sad part is that he can live with himself. I'm sure he feels badly about all the non help he could have given us. Well, maybe for a few weeks after January 2013. But then he'll be somewhere in a very well-to-do, nicely built home with his well taken-care-of children and set-up for life wife and those memories will fade quickly. Ours won't.

And he wants to "possibly prevent huge spikes in taxes for middle class families." Based on his track record and promises, I won't hold my breath.

He either knows he's a one term president or just doesn't care about us. If the Opologists can't see that now, they never will. I asked in another comment on another site:

Can anyone give me a respectable reason why Obama should represent the Democratic Party in 2012?

Fuck It and him!

Anyone but Obama in '12!

Tea...for Two (Hundred Fifty Million)...

It's gonna be a wonderful, sardonically sarcastic 2 years!

For those of you wishing to add your own and print!

America Takes Back Its Abusive Ex

First, allow me to state that the title is not original. A journal on another website used it, and I thought it remarkably apropos.

Yes, dear readers, in a stunning triumph of idiocy over common sense we decided that doing the hard but correct thing was too difficult to handle. We also collectively decided that change was too scary for us to stick with.

As I've stated before, change moves us out of our comfort zone. It can scare us. Machiavelli said that change was the hardest thing for a leader, since even your supporters will only be lukewarm toward it, while those who oppose it will harden their positions. Sound familiar?

Summer of 2009, perhaps?

So we collectively ran back to the same vicious lout who ran us into a ditch, slapped us when we dared question or complain, and snarled that we were un-American when anyone disagreed.

The election that concluded yesterday resulted in the House flipping sides, and the House controls the nation's finances. Expect the first GOP budget next year to be all sorts of hell for the poor and the shrinking middle class. And the Senate? Well, the lame duck session will limp to its end without anything being done, despite what Hatrack Harry Reid may say about it. I don't expect any action in Washington from now until January 20th.

Remember, dear readers, that the Party that will take power in the House of Reprehensibles in January is the same Party that almost destroyed the economy, sank us into two unwinnable wars and is determined to roll back everything legislated since (in some cases) about 1868.

One might hope that their leadership will restrain the enthusiasm of the more radical members of their caucus, but don't hold your breath. Rep. John "Oompa-Loompa" Boehner will likely become the Speaker, although Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann is already angling for the #3 spot. Self-restraint will not be one of their strong suits.

Further, starting in September 2011, the economy will be the Republicans' responsibility. President Obama may submit budgets to the House, but the House controls the national purse strings. They break it, and we'll know who to blame.

Which leads me to the video clip below. It was aired on Election Day by "Citizens Against Government Waste," which by its rhetorical flourishes gives the game away by revealing that they're a right-wing "Scare the buggers to death" group financed by immensely rich people who want their tax cuts.

If you haven't seen it before, watch. It's really well made:

Of course, what they don't tell you is that China's government spent its way out of the recession by dumping vast amounts of money into public works projects. A bullet train built by them recently set a speed record of 245 miles per hour.

Meanwhile, a public works project in New Jersey - the largest in about 20 years, designed to increase the number of under-river train lines between NJ and Manhattan - was shut down by Governor Chris "Fucking Idiot" Christie, just so he could burnish his credentials with the Tea Party.

And where, you might ask, did China get the money to do this?

Simple. They got it from us, from borrowing vast amounts of money from China in order to finance our wars in such a way that they'd be out of sight, out of mind to all but those family members who have to bury their loved ones.

Incidentally, a guy told me that China was able to do their bullet train because they don't have to deal with the EPA, unions or regulations. I refrained from pointing out that he was citing a New Republican Ideal - the abolition of all safeguards in a faux-Libertarian rush that leaves Top Rail firmly on top, and Bottom Rail, well, you know where.

2012 should be interesting, particularly if things get worse.

Yippie-ky-yay, Mofos!

Last Night's Big Loser, by Peter Beinart - DAILY BEAST

It wasn’t the Democrats. It was the belief that government spending must shrink. Peter Beinart on the GOP’s lunatic notion of America’s exceptionalism—and how it could help get Obama re-elected.

"..... The real loser is Keynesianism: The idea that when businesses and individuals stop spending, government must. That idea will not rebound; it’s over for this period in economic history. First Britain, and now the United States, are responding to the worst economic contraction in 75 years by contracting government, despite the fact that the world’s best economists are screaming that it’s exactly the wrong thing to do. As Virginia Thomas might say, “Have a good day!”

".....Historians may also look back at 2010 as the first post-9/11 election in which fears of China loomed larger than fears of Al Qaeda. Given that China has stimulated its way out of recession and is set to pour even more government money into infrastructure, leaving America further behind, I doubt it will be the last. In his Senate victory speech, Republican megastar Marco Rubio announced that “America is the single greatest nation in all of human history. A place without equal in the history of all mankind” because “almost every other place in the world…what you were going to be when you grow up was determined for you.” Almost every other place in the world? From China to India to Brazil, hundreds of millions of people are rising economically in ways their parents could scarcely have imagined, in part because their governments are investing in infrastructure in the way the United States did in the late nineteenth century. The American dream of upward mobility is alive and well, just not in America. And rather than looking at what those other countries are doing right, the Republicans have taken refuge in an anti-government ideology premised on the lunatic notion that America is the only truly free and successful country in the world. That ideology won last night, and Keynesianism lost. Have a good day!"

another wonderful piece by Peter Beinert (he seems to have a very sane jewish voice)

At least some nutjobs didn't get elected.

by blondesense liz

I'm not surprised at how the elections turned out. When you have corporate media, a supreme court that favors corporations over actual human beings and corporate lobbyists running for office, what else can you expect? Gosh, I'm cynical. Sorry.

Sometimes I lie in bed at night wondering how history will regard the past 30 years in American history... or will the apes even bother to care how they came to power.

Tuesday, November 2

Pre Mortem

Probably the wrong thing to do but speak your minds.

I'll start.
It looks like the same stupidity that put Bush in office for 8 years has voted again. Is there any wonder we're 19th in I.Q. in the world?

By the way, Americans...the world IS flat, big business thanks you (by raising prices) and the check's in the mail!
V O T E !!!

Monday, November 1

Forward to the Past!

Republicans and The Tea Party: 20th Century ideas for the 21st Century.

I'm as disappointed as any Progressive over the spineless actions of the Democrats and Pseudo-Democratic President. However, we really ARE between a rock and a hard place and sadly, the Democratic Leaders know it and are taking full advantage of it.

But unfortunately ignoring or not voting for the Democrats including the quisling Blue Dogs in Congress will only hurt us to a much greater extent than them. The only CURRENT realistic alternative is to vote ALL the Democrats back in. If there's a choice between a current Blue Dog or turncoat Democrat and a Progressive running, so much the better. But not voting for a Democrat just out of spite or because you think it'll send a message won't do the country any good. In fact it'll probably result in a much worse economy and quality of life...for those of us not making a few hundred thousand dollars a year!

It's a hell of a choice; those who have no balls (Democrats) but do SOME things for the people or those (Republicans) who would emasculate the rest of US! (Some, like O'Donnell, may actually want Americans turned into eunuchs!)
The choice then, is clear for now. We must maintain a Democratically controlled Congress. We've lost too many freedoms already and the Tea Party and Republicans will take the rest from us. That alternative is unthinkable, unaffordable and probably unlivable for many Americans.

So vote Tuesday as if your and your family's future depends on it. Hold your nose or whatever expression best describes your disgust and make sure the Democrats continue control of our government.

Keep Democratic control of Congress and over the next 2 years we can actively work to install true progressives and replace those who did nothing for the Left. It'll be better than having Boehner and Bachman, McConnell and Sessions running and ruining our lives for the next two years,'ll be time to change, starting with the primaries and especially with the top position. Remember those who shit on us and replace them. Not with change we can believe in but with change that will be real.