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Monday, October 4

What goes around...

Do any of you remember the Willie Horton ad from the Bush-the-First campaign in 1988? Do any of you remember the question Bernard Shaw asked Michael Dukakis during the September 1988 debate? Let me refresh your memory.

Shaw is widely known for the question he posed to Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Michael Dukakis at his second Presidential debate with George H. W. Bush during the 1988 election, which Shaw was moderating. Knowing that Dukakis opposed the death penalty, Shaw asked Dukakis if he would support an irrevocable death penalty for a man who hypothetically raped and murdered Dukakis's wife.

However, Shaw seems to have different views more recently ( Former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw is upset with what he sees in broadcast journalism, particularly what he’s viewing on CNN and Fox News Channel). Nevertheless, damage was done and one simple, however nasty, pointed question by a moderator might just have made a huge difference in an election.

Fast Forwarding to today:

Maybe you've heard some of these radical Tea Bigots, Angle, Rand, Miller etc. and even Evangelical quite Right of Center Republicans like Graham and Robertson stating their opposition to abortion for ANY reason, including rape and incest. They claim there's no reason a woman raped by anyone including her father or brother can have an abortion.

With the racist,
stupefyingly unrelenting hatred of these Tea Bigots and Evangelical Republicans toward almost any Democrat and especially Obama, perhaps the next time you are confronted by one, they could answer a question sort of in the vein of that of Bernard Shaw's:

"If your daughter were raped by Reverend Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, Markos Moulitsas, George Soros, Hugo Chaves, Vladimir Putin, bin Laden or especially your mortal enemy, Barack Obama, would you let your daughter carry the baby to term or would you let her have an abortion?"

Post your answer here, Tea Bigots.

Lee Atwater would be so proud!

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