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Friday, October 1

Oh Noes! What WILL we do, what will we do?

Thank the Coal and Atomic Power Gods that GE is looking out for us. Never mind rates are going up here in Pa. by 35% across the board in 2011; never mind that possession of an incandescent light bulb after January 1, 2011 will get you renditioned to Lower Slobovia and tortured until you love Big Brother.
We ran out of wood to burn...well, it wasn't as efficient as coal but more importantly, those in power at the time (the late 1800s) realized if ALL the trees went away, how would they wipe their asses? So they switched to coal.
In the 50s when we could see through the coal dust and air pollution, we tried to tell the SAPs (Stupid American Public) A-tomic Power was the {radiation} wave of the future, that is until Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. Now, most of the SAPs forgot about that and the power companies are taking a page from the Republican Fear Mongering Guide, (2004, 2010 ed. copyright in perpetuity) - and trying to scare the proles stupid (stupider?)with new ads aimed at the less informed, you know, those who watch Fox and the MSM.
So how do we answer GE's frightening question posed in an ad on various blogs (this one was on Maybe with a question or two of our own.
Our Questions (in no particular order) to their ad:

Dear G.E.,
What happens when storms knock down power lines for days and weeks at a time?

What happens when hurricanes destroy entire city grids?
When ice storms topple power poles, how long do customers need to freeze before you can save them?

Should an earthquake happen in Kaly-for-nee-a, will the power lines all stay up?

And when you raise your rates so high that seniors and low income families can't pay their monthly tithe, what then? Do you shut their power off...even on sunny days?

Well, if the sun don't shine, or the wind don't blow and the streams dry up for a while, those who have invested in wind, hydro, solar or other alternative energy solutions will probably not go out to get a Boehner Tan. But we'll think about you, the money we're saving and the profits you're collecting from those you've scared literally to death's door.

Maybe a better question should be:
What if the sun shines and wind blows and water flows enough to make G.E. and power companies obsolete? Scary thought, eh, hosers?

Imagination! Where excessive profits begin!

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