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Thursday, October 21

In Our "Well, Duh" Department

Harmeen Jones is a thirty-two year old man who makes his living as a TV news technician. He is also an African-American, a fact that shall figure prominently in the following narrative.

Needing employment (and who doesn't?), he started working part-time for a major TV network in 2005, and began working full-time in 2007.

But no longer.

Mr. Jones alleges in a recent $5 million lawsuit that he endured racist and sexist and offensive comments during his years on the job, and got fired from his job after he complained that a coworker was a racist.

His employer?

FOX News, at their hindquarters in New York City.

Mr. Jones should have known way back in 2005 that statements like "This is what happens when you mess with white people's health care" are pretty much the norm there, and if they'll let Falafel Boy Bill O'Reilly flourish there, it's pretty much open season.

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