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Sunday, October 17

BAG O' DOUCHE BECK is out of control. This douche bottle has gone full throttle and needs to be PULLED OFF THE AIR NOW

mass con't... (communion)

Grab a BIG goblet of wine, and if your harvest is ready, you may also want to spark one up, as it will keep you from harming your computer.

From his website "the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment" (not linked for obvious reasons)

Remember "the Story of Stuff"? It was a cartoon that the progressives put together to convince our kids that America is evil
and that we're destroying the's now taught in 5,000 schools nation wide. Well-now, they are using that same 'Story of Stuff' message and heading into our churches and synagogues with a spin-off production called "Let There Be Stuff?" it is a curriculum that in their words will help kids 'explore their relationship between their consumption their faith, and the health of the planet".

FIRST PARAGRAPH you asshole -- "free exercise thereof"

I love annie leonard's "stuff" series and think it is a fantastic, MUST SEE for every child (and adult). I'm glad my former CCD (compulsive catholic disorder) teacher moms are using this in class.


sit back and watch this bloviating piece of...


Tides Foundation CEO To Fox News Advertisers: Drop Glenn Beck Or Have Blood On Your Hands

Please pass Wasserman's post and these videos around. It is now our responsibility as citizens to help our friends and family who cannot find the off switch on their remote.

If you absolutely can't stomach beck, here's a summary of the show that I found over at

Beisner was a guest with Beck along with WallBuilders President David Barton to discuss how the Green movement infiltrates churches, targeting children and youth especially. Conversation focused on Sunday school and group study curriculum produced by a group calling itself GreenFaith, supported by the Tides Foundation, a liberal organization closely linked with financier George Soros, who has also supported the efforts of Jim Wallis and Sojourners to promote Leftist notions of social justice, wealth redistribution, and wealth equalization.

Beck, Barton, and Beisner discussed the ways in which GreenFaith’s curriculum, “Let There Be . . . Stuff?” promoted unbiblical ideas as if they were Biblical, such as saying, “When we drink, we owe a debt to the earth’s great waters” - not, as Christians would say, to God who made the great waters. “We opened our hearts to creation,” Beisner quoted the curriculum saying - not to Jesus Christ.

Beisner pointed out that the curriculum seeks to frighten young people by alarmist claims that the “stuff” we produce and consume is “poisoning us,” despite the fact that the vast majority of things produced aren’t poisonous, those that are poisonous are safe when properly used, and the steady increases in human health and life expectancy over the 250 years since the start of the Industrial Revolution indicate that the benefits of industrialization and production outweigh the risks to humanity.

Barton explained how environmentalism reverses the priorities of the Biblical, Judeo-Christian hierarchy of creation. While the Bible presents a hierarchy starting with inanimate Earth and rising through plants, fish, birds, and animals to man as the highest of God’s creatures, with the others intended to serve humanity as well as display God’s glorious power and wisdom, environmentalism puts man at the bottom and works its way up to Earth, the preservation of which becomes the highest priority.

In response to Beck’s asking why the Greens were so vigorously targeting churches and synagogues, Barton and Beisner pointed out that conservative, Bible-based religious groups have consistently been the most skeptical American population segment of Progressivism in general and of environmentalist claims of crises and catastrophes in particular. As a result, the Left has recognized the importance of getting more conservative religious groups to endorse its ideas and policies.

Beisner explained that Resisting the Green Dragon provides a Biblically faithful alternative to the often pagan, New Age, Eastern pantheist, or secular atheist views of the Green movement.

The lecture series is now available and can be ordered here, where visitors can also sign up for a free 12-minute preview video.

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