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Thursday, September 30

They call me Ishma...Emanuel!

Like the vermin infested rats they are, deserting a sinking ship: Emanuel, Summers, Axelrod, Geithner - all leaving now that they've gnawed their way through the bulkhead into the storage hold where all the gold was.

But first they made sure the hull was chewed enough to fail just in time for their exit.

The next couple of years will be interesting to watch to see if the same policies continue. If they do, we'll know empirically that the choices made during the first two years were Obama's and his alone.

But don't lose hope, folk! There's still a pack of lesser conservative rats left wanting to continue chewing through the ship of state - most left over from the Bush/Cheney reign - waiting their turn at the spoils.

It's hard to drown rats.

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