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Friday, August 20

Which Religion Was the Most Dangerous in United States History?

From Religious, an opinion piece by Gary Laderman surmises that Anglo-European Protestant men have inflicted more pain and suffering than any other individuals from colonial times until the dawn of the 21st century.
(We're talking about North America here, not Europe)

Who burned hung witches? (edited) Who murdered Native Americans? Who engaged in lynching? Who started the KKK? Who ran the slave trade? Who discriminated against Jews, Catholics, Mormons, etc? Who placed Japanese in interment camps during WWII? (just to name a few atrocities)

He asks if it's fair to use the logic being thrown about against Muslim Americans in order to protest all Anglo-American Protestants from erecting churches near hallowed sites that symbolize the highest American values (freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc)? Of course not. You can't hold all Anglo-American Protestants accountable for what the evil ones did to the rest of us in the name of their god just as you cannot generalize that all Muslims Americans were in cahoots with the terrorists of 9/11.

It's not a long piece and it's very thought provoking. Read it here.

(Ironically, all this "mosque" hoo-ha is not a huge topic of discussion among New Yorkers of any religious persuasion or not in real life. If anyone does talk about it, it is more about the utterly disgusting hypocrisy of the GOP'ers who hate NY anyway... why should they care what happens here?)

Israel and America's Mosque Hysteria

PSS (Sat night) For god's sake, This is not MY opinion piece. It's a piece that asks if it's fair to use the logic many Americans are using against Muslims today against other religious groups that have been known to inflict terror on others- particularly white anglo-saxon protestant males. It is not to indict Protestants and give Catholics a pass... we all know what the RCC did in Europe.

The point is that we should give Muslim Americans the same break that we give other religious groups known to have overzealous followers.

Some people have not read the article and are making ridiculous comments nevertheless. If you don't read it or do read it but don't have reading comprehension skills, please don't comment.


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