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Monday, August 9

No, really!

by Father Tyme

I’ve been told I’m controversial. For a response, I guess I could quote Bart Simpson (no relation to Jessica or O.J.) but that might be construed as sarcasm. Since subtlety is wasted on the stupid anyway, I’d hate for anyone who thinks me controversial to add sardonic pleasures to their allegations.
Yep! You betcha! I’m controversial. But that controversy is slathered in a few commenter's responding ignorance.

You see, from 2004 to 2008 I wasn’t controversial on this blog or others I wrote for under more diverse pseudonyms. Why wasn’t I controversial? Well, possibly it had to do with the fact that those who now deride my current disputations of our infallible president, quite agreed with the many apparent apropos articles I penned demeaning the Bush Administration and ridiculing those who unwaveringly, almost Reichishly, defended any and all of that administration's transgressions, lies and deceit.

If you’ll remember, I penned some controversial articles, added some facetious pictures and videos about Bush and his Administration yet vigorously supported one Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton and the McCain/Palin joke.

Now it comes full circle. Those who would have Bush and Company gone, now have the regime they voted for; a regime they believed would lead us away from the duplicity and deception of 8 years of ignorant, public abetted corruption. I believed this also (I guess that makes me controversial?) Sadly, that hasn’t happened and as time passes, it looks more and more as though it won’t happen. Not to say, maybe in a second term if Obama’s re-elected, he may TRY to live up to his campaign rhetoric, but by then it’ll be too late for anyone but Business.

As things are regressing, by the time those currently in power decide to directly help the American People rather than Big Business, there’ll be no sense closing the barn door, the jackasses will be gone along with our money, rights and any semblance of freedoms we believed we ever had will have vanished, probably in the name of National Security or “for the Good of the Country.”

Because I now criticize Obama for all he hasn’t done for the PEOPLE (and remember, I was a staunch supporter of him during his campaign), my recent opinions of him have been questioned. Evidently everything (bad) that has ever happened in the world, since November 2008 is his fault. NO, not everything, just most of it. You see HE IS responsible. It's part of the job description. Whether some flunky makes an asinine comment, whether Congress screws us or helps us, whether actions are taken or not taken is his responsibility. Comes with the territory. Some erroneously think nothing bad he does is his fault because "He can't do everything." No, he can't. But he's still in charge and as such it's his game. As an aside, if your child breaks a window in the neighbors house, guess who pays for it?

I’ve been told time and again that Obama “just needs a little more time.” For what? Bush had many of our rights suspended less than 2 months after 9/11! Obama's unofficial “pardoning” of the criminals and their acts under the Bush Administration, continued rendition of “prisoners”, mysterious conservative appointments to positions of power in his administration, retention of Bush appointees in important legal positions, TARP, the unquestioning gifts to the Banks and Wall Street all didn ’t require “a little more time.” Those should never have happened in the first place especially by one who calls (called?) himself a Democrat. Isn’t it just the most delicious bit of irony that someone can slam me for questioning Obama while they themselves questioned the policies of the Bush Administration in similar fashion yet ignore similar instances of this regime? Good for the goose?

I’m beyond disappointed in these poltroons masquerading as oh-so fair-weather Democrats. I used to think they were simply over-zealous in blindly supporting a new administration they thought would lead them to Candyland . I used to think they would look rationally at the new regime (for that’s what it is) and offer criticism where it was due. But that hasn’t happened. Why it hasn’t is probably for one of two reasons.

The apologists have looked at the debacle that is continuing and won’t accept the fact or admit the man they voted for lead them astray thus making themselves look foolish (Gawd forbid) for continuing to excuse his blatant ignorance, intentional or otherwise, of the ideals he claimed he’d fight for during his campaign. Either that or they’re just as bad as the Bush Apologists and are still willing to overlook Obama's unfulfilled promises, outright lies and pseudo-Democratic actions not even a moderate would take.

It's interesting that those who disagree with this, yet may see the facts for what they are, will react by derogatory comments or worse, because of their own hubris, by refusing to continue to read this blog or any other that is contrary to their stoic beliefs.
The same thing happened at kos because that site had the audacity to support Obama over Clinton!

There’s more that could be said but it would simply be wasted on preconceived opinion as sparse as the breadcrumbs this current administration scattered among those of us responsible for providing its existence.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Obama will come to his senses and realize the damage he’s done to the base that made him president but I’m sure Las Vegas would give very long odds for that happening. I’m also pretty sure Fox never lies!

But, to all you Obama apologists, maybe you can answer this:

Provided you are not among the top 2% of the wealthy in this nation, tell us all exactly what he has done that DIRECTLY affects you, and AFFECTS you NOW, not in 2011, or '12 or by 2014 and the actual ways you're better off now because of his agenda. The minuscule tax breaks and refunds for the middle and lower class paled in comparison to what business gleaned from that bill.

I’ve heard many say that “he’s only the president, what can he do without support from Congress?” Are you really that daft? If you’ll remember when Congress was seriously thinking of providing a REAL, decent health plan that looked as though it would easily pass, Obama called the members who supported that idea into his office and, voila! they changed their views. It must have been magic! There’s NO WAY a president doesn’t command immense power, and a lot of it if he wants to. Presidents change minds to what presidents want! That's part of the job, ESPECIALLY in his own party. Simple and factual. This president hasn’t put forth the effort to enact the rhetoric he campaigned on for reasons known only to himself or his advisors to the utter dismay of his base. Rather, he favored actions he claimed he was against, trusted people who shouldn't have been employed and turned a deaf ear on the Democratic Base that supported him in favor of Big Business.

Please don’t use the excuse that bills take time to implement. You well know that is the biggest crock of shit this or any President and Congress can spin. After all, how was it that TARP, stimulus and Bush Tax Cuts went into effect so quickly while what was called health reform won’t be totally effective until 2014 if then, or the Part B Medicare trash (that was going to make it much better for senior prescription coverage) took nearly 2 years to implement? Business gets immediate help and the chance to look for and implement loopholes and we get to “give Obama and Congress a little more time.”

Take a REAL close look at what little HAS been passed. Look at the “additions”, forget the amendment bullshit (they’re additions), to ALL the bills passed and the ways they help Big Business. Any bill this Congress has passed has in one way or another benefited Big Business infinitely more than anything it did for the middle and lower classes. The lone exception may be the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, but give Business time and they'll find a way around that, too!

If you can still believe that this president is looking out for your interests before those of Business, then you are as ignorant as those Bush Apologists we Leftists complained about for 8 years.

If this article makes me controversial in your eyes; if you believe Obama needs more time; if you feel I think everything is Obama's fault; if you believe nothing is Obama’s fault because this mess was just created by George Bush; if you believe Obama is doing everything in his power to primarily help the middle and lower classes yet bills he feigns support for aren’t getting passed, where does the “BLAME” lie? With controversial bloggers who once supported him, or with those too enamored with their precious egos to deny what they won't see?

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