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Sunday, August 22

It's not hatred, it's righteous indignation

(look it up if you don't know what it is)

by blondesense liz

Yes, we are angry around here at blondesense, but we are not full of hatred and we don't seek vengeance. We don't lose control of ourselves or wish evil on those who are evil or act in an evil, selfish manner. I speak for myself when I describe my passion against injustice as righteous indignation for I wish no revenge but to seek a reversal to injustice that has been done or is being done. I would hope that the return to justice could be tackled in a non-violent manner. I think that this describes the passion of some or most of my co-bloggers here.

I write letters. I make phone calls. I rant on the blog. I am not afraid to confront those who lie and take advantage of the less informed citizens among us. I am not afraid to point out to the lost and misinformed citizens what they might have overlooked when they were being riled up by those mal-intentioned persons who use the airwaves and fiber optic lines to deceive them. Yes, people sometimes get very defensive when they realize that they have been tricked. I'm sorry for that and honestly when I am talking to them in real life, I try very hard to not belittle them or give the impression that I am doing that, because I am really not... unless they attack me and all bets are off, baby.

Those who oppress others and at the same time make the oppressed hate another group who has nothing to do with the issue at hand is despicable. If I get angry with righteous indignation over such an injustice, it is my right and also my moral and civic duty to do so.

Unlike those hateful folks on the conservative right, I have never wished harm to come to anyone on the bush administration or any other administration. I don't use violent rhetoric when I speak about a president past or present. I don't think politicians deserve to be hurt or killed. I only want them to be brought to justice and go to jail or make reparations for their selfish, evil and corporate loving acts. Their deeds need to be brought to light so that those who have been misinformed may see it and join the rest of us in overthrowing the bums in Washington each and every election day.

Most of the liberals I know, true liberals who actually give a shit about others in a manner that would make Jesus proud, would be thrilled to have the teabaggers, the Palinistas, Faux News watchers, etc come over to the light side. Maybe we could simply vote the fuckers out of office without a revolution. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Maybe we could restore religious freedom to the way it's supposed to be, freedom of speech for everyone and who knows, maybe get the free press back and restore journalistic integrity. Imagine that? Or how about defining corporations for what they are- businesses, not people, and holding them to a set of regulations that prevent them from hurting people? Oh I just tingle thinking of the possibilities of living in a world where we look out for each other without fear. I would jump for joy if those who say they are christian in that they followed the teachings of Jesus Christ actually did so.

In the meantime I am filled with righteous indignation. I'm pissed at all the injustice and the lies being spewed 24/7 by the corporate media and corporate owned politicians.

I will not shut up until it becomes impossible for a working, tax paying American citizen to go bankrupt due to medical costs. I will not shut up until the expression, "working poor" is only used when referring to a thing of the past. I will not shut up until corporate lobbyists cease and desist. I will not shut up until a regular, honest, decent man or woman can run for congress without having to sell their souls to the devil in order to do so. I will not shut up until the military industrial complex ceases to exist. I will not shut up until the media does its job and exposes all the untruths spoken by those in leadership positions.

and that's the truth


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