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Thursday, July 15

What part of the immigration issue am I missing?

by blondesense liz
Just my opinion and I'm open to suggestions.

I thought that we had existing immigration laws on the books in this country. Isn't it a crime for businesses to hire undocumented workers and if so, why aren't they being prosecuted and fined for breaking the law? If they break the law repeatedly, then they should be thrown in jail or forced out of business. If they can't afford to pay people a living wage to keep the business afloat then perhaps they shouldn't be in business. Did anyone think of that? I'm not in business because I couldn't afford to hire anyone and I'd have to do all the work myself. I'm too lazy for that.

If businesses were punished for breaking the law and stopped hiring undocumented workers there would be no reason for so many people to sneak into this country to work. Don't you think that word would spread around Mexico that no one is hiring in Arizona or California and the folks wouldn't come here? I think so. The blame should lie fully on the businesses who employ illegal aliens and not the people who come here to work.

Don't you think that if word got out that Canadian businesses were hiring Americans that many unemployed and destitute Americans would sneak on over to Canada so they could feed their families since there are so few jobs here? It's only human nature to want to feed and shelter your family.

It just seems that all I hear are people complaining at how the "illegals" and now even "immigrants" are taking our jobs away... blah blah blah... and we have to close the borders to not allow anyone to come here. Boy, talk about a straw man. The conservative-corporate alliance has done a bang up job convincing people that immigrants are what made this country go to hell in a hand basket.

Last night at a bar in a restaurant, someone asked me if I had ever seen an American working at a gas station. I said I hadn't. Turks own and operate the stations in our area. Their family members work there. They come here with the cash to open businesses (because our dollar is worthless) and to cut down on overhead their relatives work grueling hours 7 days a week. I don't see any reason why some American folks with bank accounts can't open gas stations, Subways and convenience stores and hire their family members to work there to keep overhead low. It's hard work though and I suppose that is why many of these businesses are run by immigrants who are so happy to be here that they don't care if they work 100 hours/week. In my area, most small businesses are owned and operated by immigrants. The businesses that are run by American born people are usually the kids of immigrants who started the businesses decades ago. So there ya go!

I was thinking... if it weren't for immigrants, would we have enough doctors and medical personnel to take care of our populace? Would we have enough engineers? Would there be a 7-11?

Stories about my immigrant grandparents recount their struggle upon coming to America. They worked ridiculously long hours for lousy wages. They sacrificed so that their kids could one day live the so called American Dream. That's what built this country, if I'm not mistaken. We're their rotten spoiled kids.

Smart ass that I am, I then told the crowd that my European ancestors came to this country illegally and ravaged the native people, the buffalo, the beavers and took the land away from them, so what's the big deal if more immigrants come here and swipe a few jobs from those of us who were born here? It's not like they are raping us, murdering us, bringing diseases to us and destroying our way of life. If we're so smart, why aren't we trying to one up them? We're having less children than they are too. They are the future. Scared? Then get to the bedroom and start making babies.

The corporate media and their talking points have convinced hard working (if they are lucky enough to be working) people that immigrants are the cause of all their financial woes. How on earth are we ever going to get the truth to our neighbors and friends who the real villains are so we can get this revolution going? The corporations sent our jobs overseas. Where's the outrage?

I read this story this morning: Utah Illegal Immigration List: Investigators Examining Records For Origins Of List Terrorizing Immigrants
My question is.. why aren't the good people of Utah protesting the workplaces where all the illegal immigrants are working? Why not accuse the business owners of taking jobs away from American citizens?

How about this distressing story in WaPo? Companies pile up cash but remain hesitant to add jobs
The corporations who are raking in record breaking profits during the recession aren't hiring, they say, because consumer spending is low. Duh. If consumers aren't working, how do you expect them to spend?

Does anyone have a sense of logic anymore? Everything is politicized and the powerful are capitalizing on the dumbness of so many American people. Maybe our problem is that we have too many dumb Americans. If the likes of Sarah Palin are making inroads, you know for sure that we are big big trouble.

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