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Thursday, July 1

Today's News

by blondesense liz

It's really no surprise that the media stopped referring to waterboarding as "torture" after the word got out that the US practices it. It's only "torture" when another country does it. Not sure that a Harvard University study needed to determine this. Didn't most of us figure out that the media is the government/corporate mouthpiece especially when it didn't question the invasion and occupation of Iraq? Faux News watchers will dismiss this study anyway because it was performed by liberal elitists who dare to edumacate themselves.

So it turns out that John Boehner is a party-boy... the kind that goes out bar hopping around DC every night. Not sure that I care whether or not this is news. Nothing surprises me about any politicians... I'm sure if I were in this congress, I'd be out drinking too. How could you not?

GOPers are so opposed to Wall Street regulations that voted for bailout continuation. I thought that they were "fiscally conservative." Who's paying them? Who do they work for? Democrats figured out that if they end TARP funds early and recall unspent TARP funds, they'd end up with $11 billion more than if they paid it out and then reclaimed it down the line. Sounds like a plan to me. The Party of No says NO!

Republicans are intent on saying NO! to everything. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) explained that Obama should just give up trying to do what's good for the country and bad for corporations.

A crazy, out of touch woman is running for Senate in Nevada. Her name is Sharron Angle. She believes that lazy people collect unemployment benefits. They should go out and get low paying jobs instead because she thinks there are lots of those available.

News flash. My son the college graduate, magna cum laude, is once again vying for a minimum wage job that he probably won't get because hundreds of people want the job. He can't even get hired in a food store. Luckily he still lives at home... what about the people who are trying to pay for rent, utilities and gas? Should they take the minimum wage jobs and sleep in tents? Do any Republicans remember that there was a huge recession and most of us lost our retirement money, benefits and security because of them?

Some businesses in Nevada are claiming that they won't make zillions of dollars in profits because a new law went into effect that would try to pay employees a living wage. Hey if you can't afford to be in business because you have to PAY people, then don't go into business, assholes.

TPM noticed that 5 hot-button issues haven't been discussed at the Kagan hearings. What Culture Wars?

What did I miss in the news?

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