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Friday, July 16

Obligatory Friday Sex Post

"The more you repress it, the more you want it."

It's a truism, dear readers, whether the thing you desire is that last slice of cheesecake, or the latest Swedish Babes and Dachshunds* website - the more you deny that desire, the more that little voice in the back of your head whispers, "Yeah, you want it, and you know it."

Now, conservatives are all about repression, particularly when their Sith-like, repressive ideology is buttressed by religion. It's often said that a fundamentalist is one who is certain that someone is having fun somewhere, and that state of affairs must be stamped out.

However, there are indications where political conservatism and religious fundamentalism are actually only lids bolted down on simmering cauldrons of desires.

We start with Utah, a state that is majority Mormon (not a group of people who are really identified with sexual freedom and the joys of self-expression). Utah internet subscribers averaged 5.47 'adult content' subscriptions for every 1,000 residents, the highest in the entire country.

But let us look farther afield. Perhaps the Utah Mormons are a singular and unique case.



Pakistan, it seems, the home of the Lashkar e-Toyba, the Pakistani Taliban and the home-in-exile of al Qaeda, where madrasas are thick on the ground and the government can't stop religious extremists, leads the world in kinky stuff.

How kinky?

Well, how's about horse sex, camel sex, rape sex, child sex, and all-around basic animal sex?

If we could eradicate religion, not only would we be solving a lot of current problems, we'd have entire nations made of sheep-squeezers who'd be too interested in shagging to cause trouble.

Just my opinion.

*(I know nothing about this, by the way. Honestly.)

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