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Wednesday, July 14

How about a quickie or two?

Is it 2010 or 1910? We have a party that is trying its damndest to bring back slave labor, child labor, 60 hour work weeks for less than minimum wage, claims that the country needs more “Christianity”, less regulation to allow business to self-police. We even have a Republican Candidate who wants to make alcohol illegal! Can she repeal the 21st Amendment? The Republicans do everything they can to restrict voting. Next, women will lose the vote. Businesses are getting more and more power and less and less responsibility.
We have a war economy.

What’s so bad about liberalism? We’re all Conservatives AND liberals. We want to make and save as much money as we can (Conservatism) and we want to be able to buy whatever we want and enjoy things in life like new roads, fire and police protection, public education (not supported by Republicans. Education makes people think. NCLB – No Citizen Learns Bupkis), all the nice things we’ve come to expect as rights. (Liberalism)

One difference between liberals and conservatives is, liberals correct their mistakes to reflect reality while conservatives correct their reality to reflect their mistakes. – Bill in Portland – from kos

A little blurb slipped out of the news reporting on the BP debacle. It went entirely unnoticed by the MSM (So what’s new?) It seems there are hundreds or even thousands of capped oil wells in the Gulf that have a lot of ready to refine oil. BUT, the oil companies are keeping them for when prices rise to make it MORE profitable for them! And they pay no rent or storage on the oil. That should be considered potential income and taxed as such.

Where are all the Climate Change Deniers now that we’ve had the hottest first six months on record?

If politicians and politics are so bad and corrupt, why is it that so many people want to get into politics or be a politician?

If money is the root of all evil, why do churches beg for it so much?

Burnout Prevention and Recovery
(The Conventional View and the Republican View)

1. STOP DENYING. Listen to the wisdom of your body. Begin to freely
admit the stresses and pressures which have manifested physically,
mentally, or emotionally.

REPUBLICAN VIEW: Work until the physical pain forces you into

2. AVOID ISOLATION. Don't do everything alone! Develop or renew
intimacies with friends and loved ones. Closeness not only brings
new insights, but also is anathema to agitation and depression.

REPUBLICAN VIEW: Shut your office door and lock it from the inside so no
one will distract you. They're just trying to hurt your productivity.

3. CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES. If your job, your relationship, a
situation, or a person is dragging you under, try to alter your
circumstance, or if necessary, leave.

REPUBLICAN VIEW: If you feel something is dragging you down, suppress
those thoughts. This is a weakness. The Party can't tolerate weakness.

4. DIMINISH INTENSITY IN YOUR LIFE. Pinpoint those areas or aspects
which summon up the most concentrated intensity and work toward
alleviating that pressure.

REPUBLICAN VIEW: Increase intensity. Maximum intensity = maximum
productivity. If you find yourself relaxed and with your mind
wandering, you are probably having a detrimental effect on the
work loyalty of those around you.

5. STOP OVERNURTURING. If you routinely take on other people's problems
and responsibilities, learn to gracefully disengage. Try to get some
nurturing for yourself.

REPUBLICAN VIEW: Always attempt to do everything. You ARE responsible
for it all.

6. LEARN TO SAY "NO". You'll help diminish intensity by speaking up
for yourself. This means refusing additional requests or demands
on your time or emotions.

REPUBLICAN VIEW: Never say no to anything. It shows weakness. Never
put off anything required of you until tomorrow what you can do at midnight.

7. BEGIN TO BACK OFF AND DETACH. Learn to delegate, not only at work,
but also at home and with friends. In this case, detachment means
rescuing yourself for yourself.

REPUBLICAN VIEW: Delegating is a sign of weakness. If you want it done
right, get a leader to show you the correct way (see #5).

8. REASSESS YOUR VALUES. Try to sort out the meaningful values from
the temporary and fleeting, the essential from the nonessential.
You'll conserve energy and time, and begin to feel more centered.

REPUBLICAN VIEW: Stop thinking about your own problems. This is selfish.
If we feel your values need changing, we will make an announcement at
through email. Until then, if someone calls you and questions your priorities,
tell them that you are unable to comment on this until you tell you local Party
representative. It will be taken care of.

9. LEARN TO PACE YOURSELF. Try to take life in moderation. You only
have so much energy available. Ascertain what is wanted and needed
in your life, then begin to balance work with love, pleasure, and

REPUBLICAN VIEW: A balanced life is a myth perpetuated by liberals. Don't
be a fool: the only thing that matters is loyalty, work and productivity.

10. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY. Don't skip meals, abuse yourself with rigid
diets, disregard your need for sleep, or break the doctor appointments.
Take care of yourself nutritionally.

REPUBLICAN VIEW: Your body serves your mind, your mind serves the
Party. Push the mind and the body will follow.

11. DIMINISH WORRY AND ANXIETY. Try to keep superstitious worrying to
a minimum -- it changes nothing. You'll have a better grip on your
situation if you spend less time worrying and more time taking care
of your real needs.

REPUBLICAN VIEW: If you're not worrying about our ideals of this country,
you must not be very committed to it. We'll find someone who is.

12. KEEP YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR. Begin to bring happy moments into your life. Very few people suffer burnout when they're having fun.

REPUBLICAN VIEW: So, you think your life is fun? We'll discuss this with
your Preacher on Sunday, at 7:00 P.M.!

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