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Tuesday, July 13

Hope Schmope

by blondesense liz

Dear Obama White House and the rest of the Democrats,

I read that you believe the Democrats will lose the majority in the elections this fall.

We're still at war. You're still pissing our tax money at the war machine. Gitmo is still open. You treat peace activists like they are terrorists. Our medical bills are overwhelming. There are no jobs. There is no free press. What's the difference between this administration and the Bush administration?

Do you understand why you're gonna lose? If not, I'll tell you why: The Democrats have failed their base and their once faithful voters are going to stay home. This will be the first time I've missed an election since 1973.

For instance, you let the Republicans dictate their demands on health care reform, you went along with it and they didn't vote for it anyway. Get the picture? How many times does this have to happen?

Why do you even listen to them? Did they ever listen to you when you were the minority? If Democrats don't listen to the people and vote accordingly, then the party is useless and it really doesn't matter who has the majority does it?

Why on earth did you give money to bankers and then allow them to reward themselves for screwing up the economy? Your contempt for the voters was sickening. Your contempt for people who have critical thinking skills is astounding. Why not just shut down all schools so that we're all stupid enough to sit back while a fascist dictatorship takes control? Or do you enjoy watching half of us squirm? Only a small percentage of the population watches Fox News. Who cares what they say? You're a bunch of sissies.

If you all had some balls, you'd ram the progressive agenda through the congress despite the Republican whining machine and their complicit media because eventually the voters would realize that it was a good thing for them after all.

Use our money to create jobs!!!!!! What is wrong with you?

Your advisers are either idiots or working for the other side.

Wake up.

Blondesense Liz

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