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Wednesday, July 28

An envelope, a stamp and a concern...

Show your concern for your local Progressive, or Liberal Congressman or Candidate. Please feel free to substitute your name.

Dear Democratic Incumbent or Candidate,

I’m writing this to let you know I’m worried, worried about you. You see, the last group of Democrats that won in 2008 by such a “mandate” promised progressives, liberals and moderates to get us out of the financial and military mess the Bush Administration got us into.

We see that for whatever reason, most of the Democrats we voted in are now supporting bills that benefit Big Business, Banks and the Military over the concerns of tax payers. They promised us help with a health care bill but didn’t deliver. They promised no more funding for the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but continue to throw our tax money at corrupt regimes (the ones over seas, too). They promised to bring home American soldiers so no more would have die for an illegal war, but didn’t deliver. They promised relief from credit card rip offs, but didn’t deliver. They promised help for the housing situation and help to families facing foreclosures and families who lost their homes because of greedy bankers and Wall Street schemes, but didn’t deliver. They are even thinking of reducing or gutting social security, Medicare and Medicaid so millions of seniors will suffer and most probably die well before they normally would have.

But the main reason I’m writing this is about my concern for your political future. You see, there’s this talk about the Republicans winning big in November 2010 and 2012 because the Democrats in power didn’t do nearly enough for the people they pledged to represent and the people are blaming the Democrats! Imagine that! Based on the Bush years, a Republican takeover of the House or Senate this year or in two could spell another long term disaster for the country and people...and your political ambitions.

Now this Republican sweep won’t affect most of the Senior Democrats already in Congress because when they lose their seats, they’ve already shown business what they can do for them and they can always go to work for Corporate America as consultants or lobbyists and make an exceptionally fine living. But if you’ve only been in Congress a few years, why, businesses may think you don’t quite have what they want yet or aren’t sure enough of you. They will look elsewhere (probably your Republican replacements) for those coveted, high paying positions that could have been yours.

If you are an aspiring candidate promising what you can’t deliver, chances are you’ll lose to a Republican next election. And since the mood of the people is swinging away from the Democrats making it more and more probably that you will lose the election, you will also lose your chance at all the big money you could make after you leave office! Now that can’t be good, can it?

You see, if you don’t help the people you promised you’d help, there’s a good chance that you WILL lose the coming election. And if you lose the election, well, there goes the chance at that great business or K Street offer!

I’m really concerned for you! I mean, how can a business expect to hire you if you don’t first show you can be supportive of their agendas? And the only way to do that is get into office. And the only way to stay in office to build the trust of business is to do the will of the people so they’ll keep electing you so you can keep impressing business. I know that’s a bit of a conundrum and it means you’ll sometimes have to compromise to the people instead of business but that’s politics. Call it the Political “Circle of Life.”

With the advent of Citizens United, you may think most support for you will come from business and won’t worry about constituent contributions. Those big bucks can also go to your opponent. And no matter how many millions business spends on you and your opponent, it still comes down to one person, one vote. If you should win and those voters don’t like what you did while in office or what you promised during your campaign (and didn’t deliver), all that money won’t keep you there.

Even if you don’t think of the voters as people you depend on for your job, at least think of your family. How would you like to have to survive on a paltry private sector job when you have visions of everything a political career would offer?

During your campaigning, please consider what could happen if you don’t support the views of progressives, liberals and moderates. You could be just as easily outsourcing a job you want - YOUR JOB - that coveted political position - and your financial future, to a Republican. Wouldn’t that be just terrible?


Father Tyme

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