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Wednesday, June 23

What would you ask Newt?

by blondesense liz

Newt's going around the country promoting his new book To Save America: Stopping Obama's Secular-Socialist Machine for Regnery Press Press (a most dubious publisher).

Please read the nonsense from the inside flap:

America on the Brink

The Obama administration is conspiring to transform America. They want to remake our America—of free enterprise, faith, and personal freedom—into their America—of endless bureaucracy, secularism, and state control—despite overwhelming opposition from the American people.How is this possible? How has the Obama team succeeded in adopting widely despised policies like the massive stimulus bill and the healthcare takeover? How could such a radical president and his congressional leaders get elected and then take a center-right country in a socialist direction bitterly opposed by most Americans? Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has the answer: the Left have built a secular-socialist machine out of corruption, lust for power, and sheer ruthlessness, and are using it to steamroll over the will of the people. In this book, Gingrich reveals:

* How the secular-socialist machine gained power through deception and outright lies
* How the machine shuts the American people out of the legislative process
* Why some of our most powerful leaders seek to banish religion from public life
* How the machine uses taxpayer money to pay off its supporters and punish its opponents
* How we can replace, not reform, Obama’s socialist programs

Exposing the mortal threat now facing America, To Save America offers concrete strategies for dismantling the machine and replacing it with policies and institutions that work. But we must act fast, Gingrich warns, or our children will inherit a secular, socialist America transformed beyond recognition.

It's pretty obvious from the assertions on the book flap that he's describing what conservatives have been doing all along- deception, lies, shutting people out of the legislative process, using tax money to pay supporters....

And what's this about our children inheriting a secular, socialist America? Where? When? How? I was hoping I was going to inherit that kind of country and thought we were pretty close. Now our kids are totally screwed and will be lucky to earn minimum wage jobs out of college and lucky to get any health care benefits.

I want to ask him exactly what is so socialist about Obama when it's clear that he is firmly right of center. He answers to corporate interests before human interest. How is that socialist? Throwing the taxpayers a bone here and there isn't exactly going to ruin the country financially. Perhaps bailing out corporations and invading countries that can't pay us back is a bigger threat to our financial security. no? How about hiring someone who knows something about economics to run the treasury?

I want to tell him that I'm an actual liberal, with very Jesus-Christian leanings, who gives a hoot about my fellow humans, who supports public education and the right to practice whatever religion anyone wants to practice as long as they don't shove it down my throat. If I don't think Obama is a liberal or a socialist at all, What does that make me?

I am indeed fiscally conservative and surely wouldn't vote to piss away tax payer money to make CEO's rich on bogus wars. I wouldn't cut taxes during wartime. duh. That's fiscally irresponsible. I'd use the tax money to create jobs for the citizens who in turn would pay taxes back to the government, buy more stuff and keep the economy going. People would open factories and make quality items for consumers. We wouldn't be beholden to commie countries like China... oh no, no, no, no, no.

How is allowing corporations to not pay taxes conservative? How is not regulating corporations conservative? How can we treat them as persons and yet not make them pay taxes like actual persons do?

What is socialist about America actually?

The America I grew up in gave people from any background the opportunity to rise above their roots. I don't see those opportunities anymore and it's surely not the fault of a socialist machine. What socialist machine? If this were a socialist country, the mood would be pretty good around here, I'd say.

We've gone backwards.

If you had the opportunity to say something to him on his book tour... what would you say? I am taking suggestions.


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