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Thursday, June 3

Wanna Be A Catholic Priest? It's getting harder if you're gay.

by blondesense liz

One of my first classes in the Catholic seminary where I studied for a Masters in Divinity was taught by an older priest/professor/bible scholar and I just loved him. He was pretty old so I took all his classes in a row so I could learn and benefit from his years of study and wisdom. He scoffed at all the hoohah the Catholic Church made about minor things which really had no bearing on one's "salvation" or "enlightenment." He was such a rebel. Loved him.

So when I read this story in the NY TIMES, Prospective Catholic Priests Face Sexuality Hurdles, I thought of my favorite professor. At the start of one class, he told us that the new crop of seminarians were a bunch of "interior decorators." He was referring to the painstaking vignettes set up in the lobby of the magnificent castle on a fantastically expensive piece of real estate on the water. Each day, there was a fresh flower arrangement, knick knacks carefully merchandised and the Bible opened up to a specific page. It really was overkill, but it looked so lovely. I'd probably have been a part of that decorating frenzy if I was living there too.

Why am I remembering all of this? Oh yes, because as I recall, the seminarians set off my gay-dar from day one. By day two and subsequently, there was no doubt that the seminary was quite the boys club. You should have seen the gym... and the cuties working out in there. oh baby! Did I care that they were gay? Nope. Most were delightful young men who were open, friendly and willing to devote their lives to social justice and spreading love/peace/goodwill to all. The guys I spoke to during breaks or in the downstairs saloon were pretty much determined to remain celibate (despite their sexual orientation)... because naturally I asked them about that being a "lay" person myself.

Now the RCC is questioning seminarians extensively on their sexuality before accepting them into the priesthood. Many diocese' don't necessarily want homosexuals in the priesthood anymore because they are trying to weed out child molesters. It's not really fair because out of the thousands upon thousands of homosexual priests out there, only a tiny fraction of a percent are child molesters. Jobs that might bring people in contact with kids in any field can attract child molesters (teachers, coaches, etc). Nevertheless the irony is that many priests/seminary directors who are directing these inquisitions are gay themselves.

Since I am a female and the RCC hates wimmin, they won't take my advice and allow the state to prosecute those men who abuse children. If you were a child molester and knew that your illegal, subversive behavior would not be tolerated, wouldn't you be less likely to become a priest? I would think so. All the covering up over the decades made the RCC priesthood almost a safe haven for perverts. Or they could accept women into the priesthood if they weren't such misogynists... or enlist married men if they didn't think sex was so yukky... whatever.

If the RCC decides that they can no longer accept healthy, well adjusted men who happen to have a homosexual orientation, they are going to lose out on a lot of loving caring individuals to tend to the flock. Such a shame. The RCC makes no sense most of the time. I sometimes think the semen has backed up into their brains thus inhibiting rational thought.

Read the story. What do you think? There remains some sanity out there... but this witch hunt seems to be misdirected. They ought to be hunting the pigs who covered up the child abuse cases, if you ask me.

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