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Monday, June 21

Texas: I love the smell of irony in the morning

by blondesense liz

Texas' governor Rick Perry may be inadvertently putting off the planned obsolescence of the critical thinking skills of young Texans. There's hope that a few more students will be accepted into universities outside of the state.

The state can't afford to buy their new far right, historically inaccurate and scientifically incorrect text books. Perry refused Federal aid. This blonde wonders if the tax payers in Texas realize that they deserve Federal aid to help their state even though some of it would go to dumbing down the next generation.

The Board that approved the stunningly backward thinking curriculum for the state is so upset that students may continue to be exposed to such heresies as evolution, they are desperately trying to secure funding for science book supplements which will be available to students from grades 5 through to high school. Stay tuned.

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