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Monday, June 14

Now We'll Never Leave

The New York Times is reporting that vast mineral resources have been found in Afghanistan - estimated at nearly a trillion dollars.

No oil, though, but apparently oodles of gold, lithium and copper. Lithium and copper, by the way, are essentials in making the little electronic gewgaws that we Westerners crave.

(Lithium can also be used in making a hydrogen bomb, but let's not think about that, okay?)

As the title suggests, now that we know there's something more exportable in the Graveyard of Empires than troublemakers and opium, we have even more incentive than ever to stay in Afghanistan. More troops, more money, with the constant bleating from the pundits and Slave Media that we can't afford to let these resources fall into the wrong hands.

Such as China, Russia, or Iran.

But look on the bright side!

If we practice the tried-and-true West Virginia mining techniques in Afghanistan, there soon won't be any mountains for the Taliban to hide in!

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