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Wednesday, June 9

Utah to Use Firing Squad on Inmate

by blondesense liz

An inmate requested the firing squad in Utah and he's gonna get it. Lethal injection is deemed much more humane. Whatever. I don't know.

This is how it will play out:
After Gardner is allowed the customary last meal and visitors, prison guards will strip search him and give him a dark-colored prison jumpsuit to wear to the 20-by-24-foot execution chamber.

Inside, Gardner will be strapped into a winged, black metal chair with a mesh seat that was built for Taylor's execution. A metal tray beneath the chair is designed to collect any blood that runs from the executed prisoner's body.

For Taylor's execution, sandbags were stacked behind the chair to catch any stray bullets.

Aside from staff, as many as 25 individuals may witness the execution from three observation rooms that surround the execution chamber, according to the department memo. The witnesses include relatives of the victims, representatives for the state, news media and individuals selected by Gardner.

Once the witnesses are in place, the prison warden will open the curtains on the observation room windows. Gardner will be asked for any last words.

Then, after a final check for a stay with the Utah attorney general's office, comes the order to the executioners, who fire from a distance of about 25 feet.

The gunmen stand behind a wall cut with a gunport, their rifles bench-rested to assure accuracy, DeLand said.

The guns are handed out randomly to the officers. One will be loaded with a blank, so no one will know who fired the fatal shot. By law, the identities of those selected for the firing squad remain secret.
What if you're selected to be in the firing squad and you don't want the gig?

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