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Tuesday, June 15

Effects of the oil spill

People are getting sick working on the cleanup and also those living near the polluted areas.
BP doesn’t want workers to wear respirators or hazmet suits because it’s bad for publicity according to Keith Olbermann, MSNBC 6-15-2010.
OK. If it’s safe, then let’s get the families of the executives, investors, lobbyists and politicians who believe there’s no health problem to those who help in the cleanup. Hell, just let them stand along the beaches and watch.
They can’t wear respirators or protective suits, but BP can provide styrofoam enclosed dinners for them..
Sure, that'll happen.
Just like the Right Wing Chickenhawks during the Iraq War; they're too busy having bake sales or stuffing envelopes or installing ribbons on SUVs.

Tonight, Obama said…nothing.

Side note to Saborlas:
You wrote this to me:

//one of these days, Obama's gonna do something you wholeheartedly approve of and your head's gonna explode

I think it’ll be intact until at least January 2013, maybe longer.

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