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Thursday, June 3

The conservative right vs science and history

by blondesense liz

I've been reading and hearing a lot since the Israeli raid on the humanitarian ship bringing supplies to Gaza. I think my favorite is the conservative pundits and John McCain who are blaming Obama and his minions directly for this... as if it was a set up. Wow.

Depending on which politician or political operative you listen to, you can hear that Israel was completely within its rights to invade a ship in international waters and open fire on the passengers who were bringing aid to the Palestinians who are being pushed out of Gaza by Israeli settlers. So many talking heads on the telly must be somehow associated with Israel because the garbage being spewed forth from their mouths couldn't mean anything else. Do you think they get paid to lie for Israel? On the other hand, sane people from sane countries are condemning Israel's actions.

Speaking conservative politicians and pundits... what's this defending BP? Are they kidding me? They deny that the environment is being destroyed, that the oil plume is spreading and condemn scientists and researchers for their educated and scholarly opinions.

It's a crazy world. What's wrong is right. What's right is wrong.

What's happening here?
Who are you going to believe: science and history vs fascist propaganda?

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