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Tuesday, June 15

"Changing Perspectives..."

"Perhaps PTB discussions have encircled the idea we are wising up, and that the only way to maintain hegemony is big war, and stripping us of our money, and taking our freedoms away? My friends echoed this hullabaloo in many urgent ways: "They have raped us of a better standard of living!" "They have poisoned our food!" "They have laid waste our Earth!" "They have profited from making us fat, drunk, and stupid and dumping pharmies in our children's blood!" "They have turned our land from cooperative spirit to infighting at every level of possible gain." My formerly "conservative" friends are now of the mind that now that we-the-people have had enough, and that the PTB must now kill and enslave us so they can stay in power and prevent the light of the truth from shining on their mis-deeds. This is anger folks, and that ancient perpsective, coming from right-wingers here, is a major shift in the bedrock of the American political landscape if it is widespread. I really want to know how widespread such thinking is becoming."

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