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Wednesday, June 9

BS from BO

Here's the link. The original didn't take.

From Scarecrow at


But it wasn’t just the usual White House coward spouting off. Today, when reporters asked Press Secretary Gibbs whether the anonymous coward spoke for the White House, instead of saying the idiot would be found and fired — as any rational President would do even he cared only for his own political success — Gibbs essentially said yes, the White House endorsed the underlying message: unions and others unhappy with corporate Democrats should not be working to replace them.

Oh really? Well, screw you and your anti-democratic views, White House.

So let’s see. In just the last year, the White House has managed not merely to ignore and disappoint but often gone out of its way to mislead, lie to and betray liberals/progressives, labor unions, teachers, Hispanics, gays/lesbians, anti-war groups, dedicated environmentalists, respected pro-employment/pro-growth Nobel economists, climate scientists, financial reformers, defenders of Medicare and Social Security, mainstreet populists, women’s rights advocates, defenders of public interest regulation, alternative energy/efficiency supporters and even scarecrows.

In case you don’t recognize the list, that’s the core, the heart, the brains and the foot soldiers of the Democratic Party.

It would appear that Karl Rove finally got his dream of a one party nation. Who'd have thought a Faux Democrat would bring it to fruition?

If your minions make statements like this and you don't correct it immediately, there's no other presumption than you agree with it. And if you agree with it, you have betrayed those who voted for you.

This is the one thing that separates us from the Republicans; that we don't have to blindly agree and follow what leadership says. Maybe the Reich expects that. America, at least the America I gave much for, shouldn't.

BS from BO? You betcha! He IS responsible for the people he chose to speak for him.

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