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Wednesday, May 26

Who's driving?

I’m tired. I’m tired of working for men and women whose only concern is for those who can line their pockets with more cash; for men and women who only care about themselves and the corporations who support them. I’m tired of politicians who say one thing however couched, then tell me to hang in there, that it takes time to do what they promised. I’m tired of people in this country bitching about nothing being done while they can’t get involved because they don’t have time or it won’t make a difference or no one else does it. I’m tired of a president who alludes to one thing but does another…if he does anything at all...for us. I’m tired of a president who puts the welfare of corporations ahead of the people while trying to rationalize that what he’s doing will be for the betterment of the people…in the long run. And I’m especially tired of a president who allows others to lead in his place. I didn’t vote for Rahm, or Reid or AIG or Goldman Sachs or McChrystal or McConnell or Baucus or Nelson or dozens of others.
Things changed in 1994 with the Republicans gaining both houses. Even though the House and Senate were previously controlled by Democrats, it was bad enough living through Reagan/Bush with their lies and deceit.
It was worse with Bush the First and his public mediocrity while kissing corporate America to staunch up what Reagan started. And the Democrats in Congress were starting to show their pastel colors.
It was a little better with Clinton even though he was more centrist than progressive. But Clinton smiled while preparing behind the scenes for the coming deception of the 21st Century.

Bush the Second was just what corporate America wanted and got. He set the table for his successor to finally remake America the way Big Business wanted. I supported that successor because I thought Hillary would have installed the same tired regime her husband appointed. I believed that Obama would be different. Yeah, I knew he wasn’t a true progressive but he came across as more than a centrist in his rhetoric. That is until he was elected.
I couldn’t have supported McCain because of the brain dead and unimaginably incompetent Sarah Palin. Was Sarah chosen by business to make sure Obama was elected? Did they know something we all didn’t? It seems so, now.

The foreseeable future has been set for corporate America. The future’s been dashed for the public, especially the poor.
Obama’s championing the middle class was a nighttime fairy tale for America’s bedtime. Something to make us think tomorrow would be, if not sunny and bright, at least not rainy and snowy. But it really was a bedtime story and most of us went to sleep convinced the days ahead would be better.
Sadly, we had to awaken to a different reality. “These things take time,” “You must be patient,” we were told. You’ll be taken care of. But first, we have to make sure those who have will always have over those who have not. It’s more difficult than he thought so just be patient. No, I can’t any longer, and won’t.
Obama had no problem immediately taking care of and rewarding those who caused the problem. He absolved those from the Bush Administration who started the problem and shredded the Constitution. He ignores those who would correct the problem. And he keeps those who were part of the problem.
It’s only a year and a half into his presidency but he’s shown nothing to convince me he’s any different from Bush or Clinton or Reagan.
The Obama apologists I know, are, for the most part, reasonably well off, in little danger of losing their jobs, homes or retirement. They can bleat about “giving him time.” Most of America can’t.

In 2012, the Democrats or what used to be the Democratic Party will choose a candidate to run for the presidency. Of course they will fall in line behind another in the 30 year line of incompetency simply because faux Democrat Obama is already the president.

I’m tired. But I’m not ready to quit. Fool me once…not like Bush said. But I WAS fooled once. Never again.
No matter what happens during the next two years, if inflation doesn’t come about, if troops are pulled from the war zone, if Cheney and his cronies are prosecuted, if a dozen other things happen that should have, even then Barack Obama will not have my support. I will cast my choice for any other Democratic Candidate.

And no, I couldn’t support any current Republican or Libertarian for the office.
Those who apologize for Obama say that if we don’t vote for him, it’ll be nothing short of installing a Republican in the White House. Maybe they could explain the differences between the current leadership of each party. If Obama and business want a plutocracy, fine, let them have it and be done. I have 20 or maybe 30 years left provided social security isn’t destroyed by this faux Democratic President. And if it is, then why should I worry? I won’t be here. But I feel badly for most of you because you will suffer worse than I ever did; maybe worse than my parents who lived through the Great Depression did.

Will it be your fault because you sat back and allowed this to happen? Will it be your fault because you were told fairy tales and lulled to sleep with bedtime stories we’ve all heard but this time for some reason you wanted to believe? Will it be your fault because you don’t want to sacrifice that SUV or LCD TV or weekends off or any of a thousand other of life’s conveniences you’ve come to think are your Country given right? Yeah. It’s like that!

You have one last choice. No, not this election. Some Democratic seats should change. Blue Dog Democrats should be ousted. Even if the Democrats maintain control, the majority of the fools making these partisan decisions will stay.
The one that counts is 2012. Unless true progressives in Congress and a true progressive president is elected and chooses to lead, there is little to no hope for the America we thought we knew growing up.

AIG, Goldman Sachs, GM, etc. may be too big to fail. But America is not.

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