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Monday, May 10

Where's Aladdin when you need him???

The genie is out of the bottle and all the king's horses and all the king's men can't put the stopper back in. And since we're all going to end up paying for this BP fiasco with higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher transportation costs because shipping will have to be diverted to other ports, and since Obamuel has granted 27 permits for off-shore drilling SINCE the disaster, I would encourage everyone who lives in the affected areas and has to deal with dead fish and birds and other wildlife washed up on their shores to consider this: send the carcasses of the oil-covered animals to your local Congressman, U.S. Congressman, to BP, to Sarah Palin, to John McCain and any other fool who claimed off-shore drilling was safe. Tell them what they can do with them but be nice and thank them.
Oh, and don't forget Obamuel. Maybe fry up some catfish Cajun style with that really good million year-old sauce on it. Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza with Anchovies from the Gulf should go down real well, too!
F*#king A$$holes!

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