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Saturday, May 15

Weekend Music Treat! SUAVECITO by Malo

I'm going to bet that no one can listen to this song only once.

I've been out enumerating all day playing this song over and over and over. I burned a cd last week with the 6+ minute recording - luckily I found it on itunes. I'm sending it as part of a rsvp to an upcoming wedding. They wanted us to send along our favorite song/request to the DJ. (great idea - eh?)

Here's the 4+ minute recording from youtube.


You never know what little tidbits of info you'll find in the comment section of youtube:

Beautiful song-will always take me back to my childhood in our old place in the Bay Area. This song so well-loved in California, Sugar Ray honored it by borrowing the La-La harmonies for "Every Morning"! A classic song that will live forever.

That little La-la-la drove me crazy whenever I heard "Every Morning". I knew it sounded SO familiar ...FINALLY

listen here at 1:20 to hear the sugar ray La-La Melody if you can't recall the song

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