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Wednesday, May 5

Stupidity: A Rant

Of all the things that are guaranteed to stuff lint up my nose, nothing works faster than stupidity. I shall illustrate my point.

It seems that the police were within a downy pubic hair of losing Faisal Shahzad after he attempted to blow up a Nissan Pathfinder in the middle of Times Square a few days ago. Why? Seems that the FBI put him on the 'no-fly' list a few minutes after Shahzad boarded the plane that he hoped would take him to Dubai. Now, had the plane taken off, it could have been recalled, or the Air Force could have been sent to divert the plane and bring it back.

But the fact of the matter remains that someone could have moved faster - like putting the news out on the TSA's Twitter page, which could have saved a few minutes.

But they caught him, you say, and Shahzad was stupid in that the attempt was so amateurish. Right, says I, and it's a tribute to good old-fashioned police work. However, now we see the squealing of the Pussies and Whores - "We shouldn't have read him his Miranda rights!" "We should strip him of his citizenship!"

I heard this stupidity from Senators John McCain (R-Arizonastan) and Joe Lieberman (I-Couldcareless). Well, boys, hate to burst your bubbles, but Shahzad is an American Citizen, with all the rights that American Citizens have, and therefore (pace Jose Padilla) has all the rights enumerated under Federal law for American citizens. If you agree that a Muslim terrorist forfeits all legal protections by his actions, will you agree if the alleged terrorist is Christian? how about Jewish? Or does the stupidity and hypocrisy extend only to people with brown skins and funny names?

Moving along, NYC Mayor Blooomberg suggests that the government make it harder for suspected terrorists to buy guns. Makes sense, right? Wrong, according to Senators Susan Collins (R-Maplesyrupstan) and Lindsey Graham (R-Closet). Perish the thought that the government should make it, you know, difficult for anyone to exercise their Second Amendment right to have more guns than the 82nd Airborne.

Think about this a second - we want to strip all civil rights away from a suspected terrorist, but we don't want to restrict their opportunity to buy firearms. Stupid, right? And it's rather telling that McCain wants to strip Shahzad's rights away from him, while Glenn Fucking Beck is defending the decision to Mirandize the guy.

Moving along, the explosion and collapse of the Deepwater Horizon rig has given the lie to the assertion that drilling is actually quite trouble-free. This hasn't stopped the "Drill, Baby, Drill!" crowd from regrouping and doubling down on the idea (started by William (Wrong About EVERYTHING) Kristol) and now Sara Palin's gotten into the act. Her assertion? We should do more offshore drilling, but let American companies do it rather than unwashed foreigners like British Petroleum.

Never mind the fact that the company that was working on the rig at the time was headquartered in the United States, while BP leases the site and owns the actual rig.

What packs lint up your nose today?

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