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Wednesday, May 19

Quote of the Day:

"There’s some good news. Long time political whore and Israeli operative, Arlen Spectre (spelling intentional) has been given the boot after pulling a Joe Lieberman, without success, because Pennsylvania doesn’t have the level of general corruption that Connecticut has, which is kind of like saying that you’re never going to get the same smell from an ordinary two week old, dead body that you will get from a floater of the same age, unprofessionally pulled out of the Detroit River, with a misplaced grappling hook. He’ll be off to his next life as munitions lobbyist for The Carlyle Group as soon as Cthulhu climbs up out of the Gulf of Mexico and gives George Bush a blow job, which is kinda like beating a dead horse without the entertainment factor. This is in no wise meant to distract from Bush Senior’s actual focus of sexual attraction, which you can find through only a cursory internet search."

Read the rest at Les Visible's "Dress Rehearsal is Over. it's Time for Opening Night."

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