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Tuesday, May 25

It's not the Onion:

It's the ABC News from Denver.

DENVER -- "Bluecifer" is showing cracks. The large blue mustang statue outside Denver's airport is showing signs of wear just two years after it was installed.

The statue "Mustang" provokes strong feelings from travelers at Denver International Airport.

Many hate the statue dubbed "Bluecifer" for its menacing stare -- but city regulations require public art installations to stay put for at least five years.

But now "Mustang" is showing cracks on its legs. The cracks have been repaired with caulk and paint.

City officials said the cracks aren't unexpected because the statue is outside.

City officials said there are no underlying structural problem with the statue by Luis Jimenez, who was killed in 2006 when "Mustang" fell on him.

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