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Monday, May 3

Dumb things on the way to other dumber things???

Who is really running America? C’mon! You guys can tell us. It’s not like many of us don’t already know and the rest of the sheep could care less as long as American idol and Survivor Gulf Wetlands 2010 goes on. Why not come right out and have Barry say that he gets his orders directly from big business like Georgie Boy and Deadeye? Now the really great thing would be to have a national pool like the March Madness one to decide which corporation is actually the one making the decisions. I think we could limit the pool to 64 participants.

Where were the teabaggers when $20 to $50 per hour American Jobs were being outsourced to Japan, India, China and Mexico for pennies per hour? Now these hypocrites are all worried illegals will come in to claim the minimum wage jobs the legals so desperately don’t want. Those who are protesting the illegals won’t even change their own toilet paper let alone clean their own toilets (that’s for their wives to do – don’t want some Mexican doing their “wimmen’s” work, no siree!!)

Where are all these mostly Southern teabaggers complaining about cutting taxes when they work for a lot less than their Northern Union Counterparts? Yet they complain that unions are killing the country.

Don't they make all those screwed up Toyotas in the South? Maybe there weren't enough pictograms on the machines?

In the “Are you smarter than” category, I can’t wait for Napoleon McChrystal and Whipped Barry to be contestants about Afghanistan. Not a fifth grader but General, “Are you smarter than a 1980's Russian General?” “Barry, Are you smarter than Brezhnev?” Eerrnnnnt! Time’s up. Barry, how’s it feel to be dumber than Gorbachev? He recognized the problem and got them out of Afghanistan. Bonus question for Barry: You have some law learning. Are you aware of any leaders from the past who screwed up because they didn’t get proper advice? I’m sorry. That is rhetorical, isn’t it? Hint: You don't have to go back all that far. A couple of years will answer.

There’s a lot of unrest here in case some may only be watching network or cable news. So is it possible that idiots carrying guns to Barry’s speeches, teabaggers shouting bigoted comments, moronic half term, half assed ex governors from Alaska pushing the law as far as possible to incite hatred, Right-Wing Radio and Fox spewing hate and lies (for ratings, of course), is it possible this is being allowed to set up a massive crackdown on the people of this country? Because what’s coming will be a lot worse than Martial Law. We thought this with Bush but things weren’t overt enough. Now we have threats to business, Wall Street, Congress. Timing is nearly right for “new laws” or a “postponement of the Constitution” by executive signing and the SCOTUS. (Can Barry executive sign-away the Constitution? Let's ask John Yoo! He hates everything American!)

If a bank or corporation is too big to fail, rather than bail it out with our money, maybe it is time to nationalize that industry? That's the same as using tax payer money, isn't it? And we're all shareholders, right?

Do Native Americans need to show their birth certificates?

What if tens of thousands of Democrats suddenly changed their registration to...independent? Or (shudder) Republican? Would that send a message to the Democrats?

Who owns and runs the media? They aren’t ignoring the problems of this country for no reason. Someone is telling them what to say and show. Who?

Why do teabaggers believe corporations rather than the government in what's said (in the news) when for years all we’ve ever heard is how business is trying to screw us with their inferior products, bad service, high prices and false advertising?

Why must we accept that the bible is fact but evolution is a theory? Why are atheists expected to prove there’s no god when Xtians can’t prove there IS one?

Why do (many) white people think they are superior to those of other skin tones? And wasn’t Jesus non-white?

These and many other questions will probably be ignored by 99% of the American Public…until it’s too late.


It seems that Whirlpool is closing its Evansville, Ind. plant and moving to Mexico so it can make refrigerators cheaper (but still charge the same price in the U.S.), costing 1100 American Jobs. Oh, and it took 19 million of tax payer funds to help it make more money. Story here.
I imagine the teabaggers will hold a riot protesting this move any second now...being they are such patriotic Americans. They certainly won't act like hypocrites, will they?

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